Neurologists Are Ringing The Alarm! All Women Should Be Aware of This Advice!

We are all uncertain about how many hours of sleep we need to maintain for a good and healthy lifestyle. The time needed for women is shocking!


Have you ever wondered how many hours of sleep men and women really need? And could it be possible that women need more sleep than men?

Since the female brain is more complex in its functioning, it requires more rest. Dzhim Horn, a professor at Loughborough University in England, says, “Women’s lack of sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological stress, as well as a significant sense of insecurity, depression and anger. For men there is no connection. ”




Is Eight Hours Enough For a Good Night’s of Sleep?

8 hours of sleep per night is not necessary for everyone. Often, 7 hours are ample. Nevertheless, this teacher recalls that the female brain “is different from men’s brain, it has a more complex structure, so its need more sleep.”

Why women’s brain work so much?

It is often said as a joke, but it is a fact that women are more likely to perform several tasks at once, and therefore they use several areas of their brains in an emergency. That’s why they need more sleep. Ideally, it is recommended for a woman to sleep 10 and a half hours per night.

Source: Eddenya