They Got Married in New York When He was 65 and She was 12. Watch the Video!

Un homme de 65 ans et une enfant de 12 ans ont décidé de se marier à Time Square... Voyez comment les gens ont réagi à leur union!


Coby Persin is well known on the Internet. He has made many popular videos for his YouTube channel. Recently, he directed one at Time Square, New York. The reality goes beyond the fiction in this recording, it is the case to say it!

Indeed, in this sociological experiment, Persin asks two actors who play the roles of a 65-year-old man and a 12-year-old child to walk in Time Square and get married.

The reaction of people obviously was automatic! People were outraged and angry.

Persin, 21, does this to denounce that in many countries, men of this age marry children and people find it normal. Its objective is to raise awareness of the situation of these girls. Is not that great?

Here is the video of Coby Persin!

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