The Reason Why This Young Man Suffers From Severe Toothache Will Shock You

This young 17-year-old man was far from suspecting what doctors would find by operating it after he complained of severe toothache.


Sometimes a person may have too many teeth in his mouth causing toothache, but 200 is an incredible number. Yet this true story happened to this young Indian boy …

Ashik Gavai, 17, complained of pain in his mouth and was taken to the hospital in Mumbai. That’s when doctors made this incredible discovery, worthy of a Guinness record.

A month before, Ashik had complained of severe pain in the jaw


Therefor, he went to a clinic in the Byculla’s neighborhood where the doctors discovered what the boy was suffering from, an abnormal excrescence of a molar. Doctors had to operate to decrease the pain.

The doctors were very surprised to find, inside the gum of Ashik, an enormous amount of teeth!

No less than 232 teeth of different sizes, ranging from the size of a grain of wheat to the size of a candy, were extracted from his mouth.

Mumbai hospital staff believe that this malformation was due to a benign tumor. Thanks to this surgery, Ashik is well, now, and his mouth contains only 28 teeth. He was able to slip into the Guinness Book of Records!