This Is Why Woman’s Panties Have A Pocket

You all have at least one panties with a small pocket, but do you know what to use it for? Well, its there for an excellent reason!


If you’re a woman, you’ve always wondered what the little pocket is in the center of your panties, is not it? Why is she here? What is it for? Well the Health + Magazine website finally answers this question!

You can imagine, this little pocket is not there just for fun and to decorate! It is actually used as a lining to preserve your intimate hygiene by protecting the area from bacteria and their proliferation.

This small pocket is so effective that doctors say that it is better to advice the cotton panties that owns it.

Santé+ Magazine

Effective protection against bacteria and infections

The mucous membranes are an ideal place for the proliferation of bacteria, which becomes all the faster when the environment is propitious. These, however, alter your vaginal flora, causing local infectious diseases.

The National College of Gynecologists, however, says that the standard rules on hygiene are rather limited. This is why it is very important to take all the necessary precautions. First, it is essential to wash your hands thoroughly before coming into contact with your private parts. They should also be washed regularly, at least once or twice a day. You should also always aid underwear made of natural materials, such as cotton.

Be sure to avoid vaginal douching. Instead of cleansing your intimate parts, these instead help the growth of pathogenic germs and tend to unbalance the vaginal flora. Your vagina contains a wide variety of bacteria that is needed for an adequate vaginal flora and that keeps the vaginal mucosa healthy. Disturbance of this balance can cause infections..

How to have a good intimate hygiene?

  • Change your underwear daily.
  • After thoroughly washing your intimate parts, make sure to dry them properly.
  • You should always wash your anal area last to avoid bringing germs or infections back to your vaginal area. Moreover, when you go to the toilet, try to always wipe from front to back.
  • You must wash your underwear at a temperature of at least 60 ° C.
  • After sexual activities, it is essential to wash your hands and intimate parts.
  • When having your period, it is very important to change your tampon or pad regularly, every 4 to 6 hours.
  • Your soaps should never contain any dyes or perfumes and avoid antiseptics and disinfectants that could upset your flora.
  • If you have thick pubic hair, cut them short to avoid bad smell.
  • You should never wear tight clothing or underwear.
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible.
  • Be vigilant and be careful not to put anything in your uterus.


If you experience irritation, itching, pain or burning sensation when urinating, seek prompt medical attention. You should also consult if your vaginal discharge increases, if they have an unpleasant smell or if they change color.

A pregnant woman should be even more careful of about her intimate parts because of the hormonal perturbation caused by pregnancy. A vaginal infection could harm the baby and its growth.

Source: Santé+ Magazine