Why Does Your Dog Follow You Everywhere?

If you have a dog as a pet, you should know that most of its behaviours are actually messages that it transmits to you! Here is what they mean.


All dog owners will tell you that dogs are wonderful and that they cannot be without them. Many even go so far as to say that dogs are their best friend. Dogs have but one goal in life: to be loved by their master. When they feel loved, they can do nothing but give you all this affection. But since they can’t speak, how do they do it?

Dogs are cunning and use several small signs that may seem trivial to you, but for them, it is the biggest proof of love that they are able to provide.

So here is a list of gestures your beloved pet does during the day and what each of them means.

1. The sweet eyes.


If your dog makes you beautiful soft eyes, it is because he wants to make you understand that he loves you more than anything in the world! It is a sign of great trust and worship to you.

2. It lays on you.

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If your dog tends to sit down by putting all his weight on you, it is that he hopes to receive more love from you. Stop what you are doing for a moment to give him some cuddles!

3. It follows you everywhere you go.

When they are small, dogs tend to do everything with their mum and their siblings. In other words, if your dog follows you everywhere, even to the bathroom, it’s because he sees you as his family and wants to do whatever he can with you.

4. It sleeps in your bed.


Your dog considers that sleeping in your bed when you are away is the best way to stay close to you.

5. It brings you present.


Your dog likes to show you all its happiness and affection by bringing you small gifts.

6. It feels your emotions.

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When you are not well, your dog tries to comfort you and show you that he loves you. Do not refuse this love, cuddle with him!

7. It licks your face and feet.

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A dog licking his master’s feet is a sign of submission, meaning he sees you as the leader of the pack or his family. When a dog licks your face, whether you like it or not, it’s because it loves you!

8. It seeks your assent.

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Your dog believes that your opinion is important. Studies have even proved that a dog might prefer to receive a dose of love from you rather than a treat.

9. It goes crazy when you come home.

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Every time you leave the house, your dog feels the fear of never seeing you again. So when you come back, he can only be too happy to see you come back, relieved not to have been abandoned. His excitement is his way of showing you that he is happy to see you.

10. It sticks with you after a meal.

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When you feed your dog, he often falls on the defensive for fear that someone steals his meal. If it stays close to you after eating, it is a sign that he has a lot of confidence in you and that you are his favorite person with whom to stay with after being force-fed!

Source: Rose Pingouin