A Raccoon Was Caught Trying To Save His Brother From Drowning in a Pool

Sometimes the animals may have reactions similar to those of humans and they can worry about their fellow as much as we do.


Not only parents worry when it a loved one jump in the pool – brothers and sisters can also be frantic. Take Waylon and Willie as an example. These two adorable raccoon brothers like to refresh themselves in the pool, like you and me.

But while Willie really likes to swim in the pool of its owners, Waylon is a little more cautious. The owner of the raccoons filmed the little ones swimming and Waylon’s hilarious reaction to Willie’s swim will make you die laughing.

If you look carefully at the video, Waylon only puts his front paws in the water and he seems to make his brother come back to the mainland. Willie, on the other hand, makes a sign to him as if to say: “Relax, everything is under control”.



Waylon does everything but relax. If he could speak, he would surely cry, “Come back here, it’s dangerous!” To his brother, who swims like a dog.

Whenever the raccoon gets closer to his brother while swimming, Waylon stretches his paws to try to catch him, frightened that his brother will drown.

“Waylon tries to save him,” says the owner of the raccoons. Waylon relaxed a little once his brother sat on the first step of the stairs. But that is not enough. He then uses his legs to push his brother’s buttocks and lift him up to bring him to the edge of the pool.

Source: Little Things