The Top 10 of Unusual Women You Won’t Believe Exist


Get ready to be amazed by these very atypical women who became famous for their image. Some people are constantly seeking to look like the latest trend while others are simply thinking outside of the box. Which can be pretty rewarding when it’s taken to a whole new level.

Being unique as its pros and cons. Whether you like it or not, these 10 following women are all different in their own ways and deserve a moment of recognition.

Here is the top 10 of unusual women you won’t believe exist.

1. Beshine

davyddd – DeviantArt

Also known as Mara Hills, this German model claims to have the largest breasts in the world. Weighing around 20 pounds each, she wears a bra size of 32 Z. There is no doubt that she had some surgical work done to her breasts using implants and saline solutions. She compares her experience of having a large breast to carrying toddlers or tires everywhere she goes. She reveals that she loves the attention she gets from it and only tryst about her breasts size is finding clothes that fit her.


2. Jyoti Amge

The tiniest woman in the world who is just a little bit taller than a 2 liter soft drink bottle. You may recognize her from the hit TV show American Horror Story Freak show. From her 2 ft 6 inches, she is fairly lucky to have a very well-proportioned body. She was born with a condition called Achondroplasia, which is a type of dwarfism. She holds the record for the tiniest women in the world and live comfortably traveling around the world.

Ma Chaine Etudiante

3. Erika Ervin

Information Overload

Known professionally has Amazon Eve, she became a model after appearing on the cover of SO magazine next to a typical beauty queen. She was recognized has the world’s tallest women by the Guinness World’s Book Records in 2011. She stars next to Jyoti Amge in the TV Show American Horror Story Freak show.


4. Cathie Jung

Cathie Jung

Known as the Queen of hearts, she has been constantly wearing a corset for 12 years in the pursuit of obtaining the tiniest waist. Through her corset adventures she’s been able to remove several inches from her waist and whittle down to a 15-inch waist. She wears her corset 24 hours a day and has achieved fame for breaking the world record by having the tiniest waist.


5. Asha Mandela

hair’volution magazine

Asha Mandela is a real-life Rapunzel. Her hair is over 19 ft long, which gave her in 2008, the world record. Her accomplishment took over 25 years of development. Not rosy as it looks, she was diagnosed with cancer. Despite her chemotherapy treatments, she kept her hair. For an easy maintenance, she keeps her hair in dreadlocks.

Daily Mail

6. Mikel Ruffinelli


Before becoming famous for her large hips, she was a normal-sized woman at 5-4 and weighed around 180 pounds. Once she gave birth to her first child, she gained about 56 pounds. As she kept getting pregnant. She continued to grow each time. Today, her hips measure at a circumference of around 8 feet and her waist measure 3 ft 4 inches. Her maintenance involves eating around 5,000 calories per day.


7. Aneta Florczyk


Aneta is known as the strongest woman in the world and has won the world’s strongest woman competition more times than any other competitor. She was born in Poland in 1982 and has also done well in other sports competitions like Figure Skating. The power lifter can lift full-grown men over her head easily.

8. Julia Gnuse


After living a normal ink-free life, she was diagnosed at the age of 35 with porphyria which is a condition where sunlight cause blisters on the skin. Then it turns into permanent scars- very eye-catchy. A friend of hers suggested that she gets tattoos to cover it up. The result led to getting 95% of her body covered with ink. She became the most tattooed woman in the world and is now known as the illustrated woman.

Otago Daily Times

9. Mandy Sellars

Jornal Ciência

Born with a rare genetic mutation that causes her leg to be abnormally large and misshapen. At the age of seven doctors recommended that one of her legs be amputated in order to extend her life and live as normally as possible, but her mom refused. For her single large foot, she has custom footwear made for her. In 2010, they amputated her other leg in order to stop growth but it continued anyway. Her condition is the result of a PIK3CA gene mutation.

Daily Mail

10. Maria Cristerna

She wanted to prove to herself and the world that she was a strong woman after dealing with a failed marriage and years of domestic abuse. She got her face tattooed and pierced plus hornlike implants in her forehead. She is nicknamed the dragon lady and is also a professional lawyer. Over her appearances she works with women trying to escape domestic abuse and uses the attention she receives for good.

Guinness World Records 2013
Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records




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