5 Inventions That Were Created by The Laziest People

If you like the law of least effort, you should definitely try these 5 tricks created by the laziest people. Why wasting your energy when one can rest?


We live in a world where efforts, hard work and innovation are rewarded and widely valued. Laziness, on the other hand, is frowned upon by society. However, did you know that lazy people are usually smarter? These people tend to always try finding new tips and tricks to make least efforts as possible. Here are 5 clever ideas that were created by the laziest people.

1. Bathing your baby

As a parent, moments of relaxation are truly rare, especially when your child is quite young and must be supervised while taking a bath. Make your life easier by putting your child in a basket for laundry inside the bath. You will not have to pick up his toys every two seconds.

2. Effortless way to eat popcorn

Here is the best technique to eat your popcorn while avoiding doing dishes and using your hands. Put on your jacket backwards and put your food in your cap! You coworker might judge you, but who care’s to be the laziest people? In fact, as them to call you genius!

3. Watch a movie peacefully

In order to enjoy a movie and not having to hold your phone, all you need is a large flat handle, tape and your cell phone. Attach your cell phone to the handle, lay on your sofa and hold the handle over your head. Oh, and do not forget to download your favorite movie in your cell phone!

4. Taking a nap in public transport.

Public transport has it’s pros and lows. The ride can often be very long and the capacity to fall asleep in there it’s not given to everyone. What you can do to make this experience a little more comfortable is to tie a scarf around the top of your seat, at the height of your head, and put it on the front of your face. Make sure, of course, that you can breathe through your scarf.

5. Taking children to an effortless cart ride.

Do your children love when you take them on a ride in a cart? Why making it enjoyable for you too? Install a motorized car that you can remotely control onto your children’s cart. You will not have to drag them through the streets and they will be happy with their ride outside!

6. Watch this video tutorial to discover other amazing tricks!


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