These tricks avoid me to wash my hair every day

You don't want to wash your hair everyday? Discover 15 nice tips to help you avoid washing your hair every day. It's life!


You probably already know that washing your hair every day is not good for your scalp. Indeed, washing your hair every day makes your hair become oily, faster. It is, therefore, better to space out your washes. You will have beautiful, healthier and much stronger hair with these tricks. Discover 15 tips to help you avoid washing your hair every day.

1. Abusing of hair care products

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There are some products that really smell good or simple make our hair so soft that we tend to overuse them. This is not good because it only ends up making hair oilier. It is better if you don’t abuse of these products.

2. Your hair isn’t that dirty after a session at the gym


After a workout, brush your hair to disperse sweat through your hair instead of leaving it on your scalp. You will realize that this simple gesture leaves your hair very silky. Also, flip your hair upside down and take a dryer. Set it to a cool temperature to dry your scalp. If possible, take the time to rinse your scalp with water. Sweat is soluble in water.

3. Stop touching your hair

Stop running your fingers through your hair. It will only increase the oil.

4. Dry your hair right after washing it

Rinse your hair and dry it quickly. You will eliminate the folds caused by a good night’s sleep and you will be able to comb them more easily.

5. Wear a Shower Cap.


Even if you manage to prevent water from touching your hair when you shower, moisture will make it look misshapen. There will be too much volume in your hair. The shower cap is the solution to your problems!

6. Opt for dry shampoo


If you do not have dry shampoo at home, you should definitely get some right away at the pharmacy. This product, which comes in powder or aerosol, is a great way to remove excess oil from your hair. Spray your roots, let it work in your hair for a few minutes and brush your hair.

7. Don’t over wash the clean part of your hair


Sometimes most of your hair will still be clean, and only your bangs will look oily. This is mostly because it absorbed the oil from the face. It looks dirty, unlike the rest of our hair. So place your head under the sink, push back the clean part of your hair from your face and wash your bangs. You will save a lot of time as well!

8. Gently Wash Your Hair

Wash your hair properly to avoid oily roots by the end of the day. First, your hair should be thoroughly moistened. The hot water opens the cuticles, which allows a better cleaning. Second, you have to wash them with a dollop of shampoo. You do not need to use a lot of shampoo: a small amount is enough. Rub gently to avoid damaging your hair.

9. Properly use conditioner

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Before applying your conditioner, add excess water to your hair. It will prevent the conditioner from absorbing all your cuticles. Also, avoid applying any deep moisturizing product on the roots of your hair, it is simply not necessary.

10. Rinse your hair under cold water

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Water closes the cuticles. Rinse your hair with cold water so that it looks healthier and shinier.

11. Be careful with food

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Surprisingly, foods can influence our scalp. In fact, the more fatty foods you eat, the more oily your hair will be. We suggest you avoid fatty foods, and sugar, to have a beautiful hair.

12. The art of hair accessories

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Are you having a bad hair day and you have oily hair? Hide it with accessories like scarves, a headpiece, and a headband. You can also braid them or comb them in a bun.

13. Braid your hair

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Make African, classic, French or fishtail braids to hide your greasy roots in a stylish way. If you do not know how get this look, you can watch tutorials on YouTube.

14. Comb your hair before going to bed

Do you tend to move or sweat a lot when you go to bed? Make yourself a bun or a ponytail to prevent your hair from getting tangled and soaked in your sweat.

15. Take care of your hair
  • Dry your hair in a soft towel. Avoid rubbing.
  • Avoid scratching your scalp.
  • Do not apply conditioner on your roots.
  • Untangle your hair before using any kind of hair care.


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