5 Beauty Tips From Professional Estheticians

You probably know several beauty tips. You will, however, be surprised to discover these 5 unusual tips, but very worthy!


There are so many tips and tricks some more worthy than others. Since we gotta find time either cooking or cleaning, it’s always helpful to learn new beauty tips to save time during the beauty routine. These tips allow us to make sure we always look flawless, no matter how bad we look or feel in the morning.

Here are 5 beauty tips that are worth trying.

1. Reduce the appearance of pores in your face.

Ice cubes not only help to cool your beverages, they can also be helpful in your beauty routine. Before applying your foundation and concealer, rub an ice cube on your face. The ice cube will reduce the appearance of your pores. In addition, the skin of your face will feel softer to the touch.

2. Replace Red Lipstick

Do not you have lipstick? Kool-Aid is an excellent (and inexpensive) alternative to this beauty product! If you want bright red lips, prepare Kool-Aid with cherries and mix with no more than 2 tbsp of water. Apply it to your lips with a brush.

3. Broken eye shadows

If you have broken your eye shadow, do not throw it away! Use a spoon to break the powder into smaller pieces. Add a little rubbing alcohol to smooth your mixture and let it dry.

4. Perfects Eyebrows

To take care of your eyebrows without using a gel made for this purpose, take a clean mascara brush, spray it with hairspray, and brush your eyebrows.

5. Pantyliners

Nothing is more unpleasant than having some eyeshadow left over under the eye after accomplishing the perfect smoky eye. To avoid this problem, take a pantyliner, cut it into 2 half-moons and put one under each eye when it comes time to apply eye shadow. Once you have finished applying your makeup, discard your underwear. It’s sounds weird but so worthy.

Get to know more beauty tips either on our part 2 or watching the video below.


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