Here Are the Latest Beauty Trends You Have to Try

Are a maniac of cosmetics and various beauty products? We have found the best beauty tips we believe are worth the try. You won't be disappointed.


The Internet is full of stuff of all kinds, including beauty tips. You can find them on Instagram, on Pinterest, on Google, but also on YouTube. Some of these latest beauty trends are more or less effective while others are very practical and can save us a lot of time and money.

We found 5 beauty trends that we believe are worthy of being known by all women. Learn them now!

1. Coffee Filter

Blotting paper can be very expensive and the packages do not have enough for you to last longer than a month. However, you can replace these products with coffee filters. In fact, take coffee filters, cut them into the shape that’s right for you, and use them to absorb the excess oil on your face.

2. Eye-liner

Your eyeliner is all dry and done? Do not panic! All you have to do is remove the tip of the applicator and install it on the unused side.

3. Perfume

When you wearing a perfume, the fragrance last just a few hours. To make your fragrance last longer, use some Vaseline on your wrists, neck and knees. Then spray the places where you put Vaseline.

4. Pouty lips

For naturally luscious lips, you just need to apply peppermint essential oil. Put 2 drops of essential oil on a Q-tip and dab your lips. You can also add a little peppermint essential oil in your favorite lip gloss.

5. Plastic Egg

Have you lost your case for your Beauty Blender sponge? Why not replace it with a plastic Easter egg. Make sure, of course, to clean it first.

6. For more beauty hacks you’ve never seen before watch the video below.


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