14 Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look Like a Star

The stars of Hollywood live under high pressure of being pretty at all time. For once and for all, let's reveal their best beauty tips.


The stars of Hollywood live under high pressure of being pretty at all time. Although we are not jealous of their stressful life, we get quite envious of their beauty tips. Why should they be the only ones to benefit. We believe we deserve it just as much. 

For once and for all, let’s reveal their best beauty tips.

Here are 14 beauty tips that will make you look like a star.

6. Exercice for your leg

After a long day in heels, your leg and feet might be inflamed a lot. Roll a tennis ball with your foot for 2 to 5 minutes.

Then stretch your legs out and pull on your feet for 30-45 seconds.

Regenerate your face

Start off your day with a great 5 minute massage. With the tip of your fingers, buffer your cheeks starting from the chin up to your ears. Do the same from your nose to the back of your ears. Finish with the same movement starting from the middle of your forehead down to your ears.

5. How to choose sunglasses

You should know the best way to pick the right sunglasses is to choose according to the shape of your face.


How to dry your nails faster

Once your nail polish is applied simply soak your fingers in a large bowl of cold water.

Get rid of your double chin

It’s time to work your tongue out. Try to reach your nose with your tongue. Repeat 5 times. Then Puffy your cheeks 5 times, hold each time 5 seconds. While you are holding the puffy face, press with your hands on each side to work out some hidden muscles. To make the last exercice, pretend to kiss a girafe for 5 seconds.

4. Save time during your morning beauty routine

Lashes routine: Warm up your eyelash curler before using it. Stamp some baby powder onto your eyelid before applying your mascara.

Draw a reversed number 3 around your eyes to apply your foundation and create good highlights. Finish with a light powder to add light onto the top of your lips, your forehead and the upper of your cheeks.

Whiten the middle of your lips before drawing the contour and applying your lipstick.

3. Winter beauty hacks

  • Static in your hair

Add a fabric softener sheet to your brush.

  • Greasy roots

  • Frozen mascara

If you are keeping your mascara in your purse, it might freeze during winter. To warm it up, soak it in a glass of warm water.

  • Dry lips

Apply a coat of honey then scrub some sugar.


2. Why should you eat with chopsticks?

If you are new to chopsticks, it may took you a while to eat your full meal which is good. But the most important benefit you will get from it is that you will massage 40 points in your fingers, points that are responsible for you well-being.

1. Use some DIY body scrub

Mix these ingredients together and store in a mason jar. Keep in the bathroom it will absorbe the humidity. Use in the shower.

If you would like more tips such as these, make sure the watch the video bellow.



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