Don’t Ever Be Afraid to Get Lost in the Forest With These Tips

Many people fear the forest mainly for the frightening animals and because it can be quite easy to get lost. Here are our best tips for any new explorer.


It is obvious that any new explorer necessarily wants to survive his adventure! But if, in a given situation, resources are scarce, what can we do to get out of it? We must not give up. We suggest you try 5 survival tips. In our opinion, everyone should know these 5 tips in case of glitch in the forest.

6. Make your own flashlight

All you need is your cell phone and a clear plastic bottle that is filled with water.

Turn on the light on your cell phone and install it on your water bottle. You will have a lot more light thanks to this trick.

5. Leave your mark

If you go hiking, you will notice that most trails are identified. Admittedly, this is not always the case. Avoid getting lost by leaving bread crumbs behind you or marks (such as an “X”) on trees you cross with white chalk.

4. Make a fishing hook with a soft drink pin

  • Remove the pin from your can
  • With a retractable blade knife (exacto), cut the bottom half of the pin.
  • File and smooth the pin with a nail file.

3. DIY compass

To make a DIY compass, you need a cup, water, a paper clip, a knife and a vegetable leaf.

  • Pour water into the cup.
  • Cut the trombone so that it is in a straight line.
  • Magnetize the trombone by rubbing it against the knife.
  • Place the leaf in the water and the paper clip on it.
  • The sheet and the trombone will serve you as a compass.

2. Opening a can with your hands

You can open a tin can without a can opener. If you have, for example, a canned tuna, you can rub it on the ground for 10 seconds. When you squeeze it in your hands, you should be able to remove its upper part.

1. Watch the tutorial video below to learn more about these survival tips.