The Secrets Behind Art Latte—Easier Than What It Looks Like

Getting a latte from the best coffee shop in town is quite expensive. Make you own instead! You’ll see art latte is not that complicated.


For most of us, coffee is a need in the morning. Having a good coffee is usually a good way to start an awesome day. Getting a latte from the best coffee shop in town is quite expensive. We believe purchasing your own espresso machine and making your own latte is your best option. You’ll see art latte is not that complicated! There are some tips flowing down here to help you create the perfect latte with amazing pattern.

9. Succeed art latte

To succeed at art latte, there are two very important component:

  • Coffee
  • Milk

It won’t be possible to get professional results if you are working with a bad espresso. Our best advice is to also use fresh grounded beans.

8. Frothed milk

Our second component is a tie breaking in between an amateur and a pro. We are looking for a smooth and sleek milk. If you like thick foamed milk, it’s up to you, but you won’t get to design some nice shape such as a heart.

7. Shapes for beginners

Your first attempts at learning art latter should be with either making a nice dot or making a heart by going through the dot with the milk. Once you are good at doing these shapes, you can move on to many other variations.

6. Prepare both milk and espresso at the same time

You should steam your milk up to a temperature of 60 degree Celsius.

5. Once your milk is ready, tap the bottom of the milk jug with your hand against the work surface.

Swirl the milk in the jug to get a smooth texture.

4. Spin your espresso to break the viscus layer on the surface.

Fix the middle of your cup.

By pouring the milk in the middle of your cup, a nice white circle will take form. It is important to fill first and attempt any design after. No shape will appear at first, it’s in the last mile that you should start a motion of your choice to create whatever your imaginary wants.

3. To make a heart pattern, make an espresso by repeating the previous steps.

2. Nothing about art latte is a race. Make sure to slowly pour the milk. If you you making a side to side motion, you will obtain the look of a rosetta.

Start pour in the milk in the middle. As soon as you have created a dot, run through it out with the milk to obtain a heart’s shape.

1. For more help, practice your skills with Alex Stathis.


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