10 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid to Make a Good First Impression

Avoid becoming a fashion victim by following these tips. Here are 10 fashion mistakes to avoid to make a good first impression.


You may be getting ready for a job interview, a presentation or an appointment. Then please, make sure you don’t reproduce one of these fashion mistakes. They will leave to a bad first impression. When you need to be at your best, pay attention to the details.  Avoid becoming a fashion victim by following these tips. Here are 10 fashion mistakes to avoid to make a good first impression.

1. Animal Hair

If your pet easily lose his hairs, please watch yourself. Be aware that most people think it’s dirty. Sometimes, your animal can also leave a bad smell that you unfortunately don’t even smell anymore. It’s alright to pet them as much as you want, but that can be done while wearing your favorite pajamas.

2. See Through Fabric


Let’s be clear: the delicate and vaporous skirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Help yourself , however, and make sure they are not completely transparent once you wear them. Some fabrics will do their best to fool you. They look totally opaque in the dim light of the morning, but it’s a different story in the afternoon or evening. If you fall in love with a skirt like this, be sure to wear leggings underneath. After all, it is better to preserve a little mystery.

3. Ripped Jeans And Wholes


iStockIf you constantly where the same jeans you will notice quickly that they will begin to ripe. Wether your jeans are getting old or they are meant to look ripen with wholes, it will leave a bad impression in some kinds of situations. Be smart, if they are too old, think about donating to people in need. If it’s their original design, just ask yourself what kind of things you will be doing today. If you are meeting for a job interview, maybe you should reconsider your outfit.

5. Don’t Forget the Little Details


We know that you are probably too busy to take the time to straighten your clothes with the iron, but it could be a small detail that will have people taking you more seriously. A person who cares about such little details usually have a good reputation.

6. Rolled-up Sleeves

When the seasons change, you might want to roll up your sleeves to stay cool. It’s actually a pretty fashionable look, only if you take the time to do a double-roll. This technique requires two folds, leaving your wrists cool. The “classic” method gives the impression that you are not concerned with your appearance, and is at the very least sloppy.

7. Too Many Accessories

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Accessories are essential to your look. The right accessories will be eye catching and (importantly) appropriate for the occasion. What you should avoid is to start accumulating different kinds of accessories to cover a simple outfit. Better to be too simple than going overboard.

8. Old Used Clothes

Looking to make a bad impression? An easy way to do this is to wear a shirt that was previously white and is now greyish. It is inevitable that white clothes will fade over time. Prevent your white clothes from looking bad and wash them together. Mixing them with colored clothes can make them dull and gray.

9. Elastic Are Not Bracelet


Avoid wearing your hair elastics around your wrists. It’s just not necessary. Keep it in your car, your bag, and wherever you might need it.

10. Shorten Your Pants


Make sure your pants have the right fit for you. If the hems are near the ground, that’s fine, but if they come in contact with the floor, it means your pants are too long. In addition to carrying dirt, your pants will be damaged after a while. Avoid this misstep by meeting with a designer. Bring your favorite par of shoes at the appointment to adjust properly.

11. Sneakers Are Great for Sports


Of course, your sneakers are comfortable, but remember that they are very casual.