10 tricks to make your beard grow faster

Do you ever wonder what the secret to a beautiful, thick beard is? Discover 10 tricks to help your beard grow faster!


Beards have always been stylish, but it seems as though they have become even more trendy in the last few years. Many men like to have them. In fact, 20 yeard old men like 50 year old ones like to have a nice beard, and it goes without saying that this doesn’t make women feel indifferent. Yet, it is not always easy to make a beard grow quickly. Here are 10 tricks to help you make your beard grow faster in no time.

1. Take care of your face

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To have a nice beard and to accelerate your hair growth, you need, above all, to take care of your skin daily. To achieve this, clean your face and take the time to exfoliate it also. You can use soap, a cleansing gel, a mask or other skin products you like to use. The important thing to remember is to take care of your skin if you want your hair to grow faster.

2. Be patient


Avoid getting yourself numerous specialized products that work to accelerate the growth of your beard if you don’t have any hair or barely any. It is better to be patient. In fact, having a nice beard can take between 4 and 8 weeks depending on your facial hair. Do not shave your beard before those 4-8 weeks or else all your efforts will have been for nothing.

3. Try beard oil


Beard oil is a fabulous way of making your beard grow faster as well as making sure you have a great and full beard. You can find these products in barber shops, in specialized stores or online.

4. Castor oil: a natural way of growing your beard

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You can try castor oil to help accelerate the growth of your beard. It is a natural oil and it will cost you less than the specialized oils sold in stores.

5. Make your beard grow with this natural recipe


You can make your beard grow with the help of this recipe. Here is how to do it:

  • In a bowl, pour 1 tablespoon argan oil, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and 1 tablespoon castor oil.
  • Mix the 3 oils and apply the mixture on your beard.
  • Make sure to apply it all over your beard and to smooth your hair with the mixture.

6. Get yourself beard growth products


As with products that accelerate the growth of nails and hair, you can also find products that help your beard grow faster. You can find these products in specialized stores or online.

7. Brush your beard

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Beards, like hair, need to be brushed and combed through daily. Why? Because brushing your beard allows you not only remove dead skin on your face but it also helps untangle your hair and stimulates hair growth.

8. Learn how to manage stress


Beards, like hair, grow faster when you are relaxed. It is not a coincidence that health and beauty specialists say that hair is a stress level indicator. It is important for you to learn how to manage your stress in a sane way. You can, for example, do physical activity. This will help you have better blood circulation (including great blood circulation in your face) and will help your hair grow quicker.

9. Rest


Sleep has a number of benefits, including helping damaged skin cells restore themselves, which can help you have a nice, full beard.

10. Integrate vitamin B and protein to your diet


To ensure you have a nice, full beard faster, you should add foods that contain vitamin B1, B6 and B12 to your diet. Adding protein to your diet is also a good way to make your beard grow quickly. You can, for example, eat meat, fish, eggs and nuts.

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