These female stars have aged gracefully – some of them already live in a retirement home but they are still beautiful

Several stars have aged well and although some now live in a retirement home, they are still beautiful!


There aren’t many things in life that can be compared to the horror of aging. However, in a world where mortgage loans, property loans, and student loans constantly preoccupy and suffocate young people’s minds, surviving is more important than maintaining a good beauty regiment. For celebrities, a plush bank account that takes care of their everyday worries means that they (especially female celebrities) can take more time off to take care of themselves, but staying beautiful has a price. It is important to plan our financial future in order to take care of ourselves later in life, like these female stars, who have aged perfectly, have done. Even if some of these stars now live in retirement homes, they are still absolutely beautiful!


Ursula Andress is one of the rare actresses on this list whose appearance is questionable. But considering that she is now 81 and has a very large bank account, we can confirm without a doubt that she has had plastic surgery. The model is known for her ‘femme fatale’ role in the first James Bond movie with Sean Connery. After a highly successful career, the former actress now takes advantage of her retirement with the comfort of her well-earned money and maybe her life insurance.