These female stars have aged gracefully – some of them already live in a retirement home but they are still beautiful

Several stars have aged well and although some now live in a retirement home, they are still beautiful!


There aren’t many things in life that can be compared to the horror of aging. However, in a world where mortgage loans, property loans, and student loans constantly preoccupy and suffocate young people’s minds, surviving is more important than maintaining a good beauty regiment. For celebrities, a plush bank account that takes care of their everyday worries means that they (especially female celebrities) can take more time off to take care of themselves, but staying beautiful has a price. It is important to plan our financial future in order to take care of ourselves later in life, like these female stars, who have aged perfectly, have done. Even if some of these stars now live in retirement homes, they are still absolutely beautiful!


Ursula Andress is one of the rare actresses on this list whose appearance is questionable. But considering that she is now 81 and has a very large bank account, we can confirm without a doubt that she has had plastic surgery. The model is known for her ‘femme fatale’ role in the first James Bond movie with Sean Connery. After a highly successful career, the former actress now takes advantage of her retirement with the comfort of her well-earned money and maybe her life insurance.


At the time, Goldie Hawn was known as the ‘good girl’ of Hollywood, with seldom history of rehab centers for alcohol and substance dependence. In fact, Hawn has also established a precedence for her three kids, who are all successful actors now. This ageless Amazon knows how to impress us with other aspects and with her large accounts thanks to her successful acting career, the actress has implemented the Hawn Foundation, a nonprofit organization to educate young people. She is a beautiful woman inside and out.


After an incredible run as Miss World America in 1972, Lynda Carter captured America’s heart with her wonderful performance as one of the world’s most-loved superheroes in Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, Carter’s personal life did not go as well as her acting career. Between visiting various lawyers for her divorce after a short marriage and a visit to a rehab center to fight against alcohol addiction, she had many problems. But if you think this would affect her beauty, you were wrong.


Jessica Lange is an American actress known for work in theater and in television, but she is especially known for her performances in King Kong and Tootsie. When she is not adding dough to her bank account, she proves to the world that she will gladly share her money to people that are in need by playing a central role as a UNICEF ambassador. Even though she is the mother of three kids and she has had her fair share of marriage and divorce, she seems to be living a good life and she is always resplendent.


The most iconic role of Catherine Bach’s career is without a doubt Miss Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard, but she also impressed us with her strong performance in The Young and the Restless. Now 63 years old, the magnificent actress still shines. Considering she survived a few lawyers offices with her divorce and a suicidal husband all while managing to finance a business that finally took off in 2002, she deserves all our admiration for having kept her glow through all these misadventures.


Brooke Shields always had a lot of luck in life. From the obtainment of a degree in French literature at Princeton University while never needing help from student loan programs to her breakthrough on the big screen in the 80s and 90s with her exceptional talent, the beautiful brunette always had good things going for her. Unfortunately, her struggle with postpartum depression almost ruined her career and she practically sank into oblivion until she publicly acknowledged her struggle and started talking in favor of antidepressants.


After her breakthrough role in The Facts of Life, Nancy McKeon’s career skyrocketed but then was followed by a very rapid fall that most Hollywood actresses can’t come back from. The actress managed to avoid bankruptcy and keep her bank accounts above a secure limit. That being said, for an actress with a modest bank account whose life depends on smart money management, she seems to age very well.


Former model, actress and activist, Mia Farrow was named one of Time Magazine’s most influential people of the world, after she became a goodwill ambassador. However, things got worse when she was caught in a scandal and when her ex-husband, Woody Allen, fought to get their daughter’s full custody. The trial cost her a lot of money but she won and didn’t lose her daughter.


Sissy Spacek started acting in the 70s and it is her role in Badlands that made her well-known. Unfortunately, the tabloid’s attention and a large bank account often leads to vices and for Sissy, these vices were in the form of alcoholism and visits to substance dependence centers. After all this, Sissy kept a low profile. Whether she is managing her investments or fighting against bankruptcy, she is always so beautiful.


Audrey Hepburn was the United States favourite celebrity of the golden age era of Hollywood. The actress, model, dancer and devoted philanthropist set the foundation for all women in the world to use their amazing style to attract the public’s favor. Until her last day, Audrey was an iconic woman who would have been willing to mortgage the dividends of her hard work on the big screen for justice and fairness; even her work with UNICEF is still talked about. After a battle with cancer, she passed away at the age of 64, with a lasting legacy.


Although recently known as Olenna Tyrell in the hit television show Game of Thrones, Diana Rigg is no new comer in Hollywood. Her role as a ‘Bond girl’ attracted a lot of attention, but her popularity with divorce lawyers (after her two divorces) caught the tabloid’s attention even more. After having been honored with the Dame Commander of the British Empire in 1994, the actress fought against tobacco addiction, narrowly escaped a drug rehab and somehow managed to stay fabulous at her age.


Considered one of the biggest actresses of all time, Molly Ringwald found international success with her roles in Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles. For a teen actress that was likely of falling into substance abuse, Molly was able to stay away from all that. With three kids, a big bank account and a husband on her arm, Molly Ringwald blossomed into a wonderful woman and is always so beautiful.


The actress Helen Mirren, rewarded with numerous prizes, was a theater star before deciding of diving into cinema. She landed a few emblematic roles including those in Prime SuspectCaligulaShadowboxerElizabeth I and The Queen. With her celebrity status, she also has a huge bank account and had a few social vices that led her to fight against substance abuse for a short amount of time. Surprisingly, she got herself out of her dependence without any help from rehab centers. Today, she is 72 years old and she shines like a ray of sunshine.


This woman with multiple talents juggled a career in acting, as a model, of fitness guru and activist. With her number of hats, she is prone to have a very large bank account. But with a busy career comes many divorces. To make things worse, she also needed a criminal defence lawyer for unjustified accusations for drug trafficking. Although all of this is a thing of the past, we are very happy that she does not have the appearance of everything she has gone through!


Prior to her decisive role in the television drama Poldark, and a few others in television and film productions, Angharad Rees studied at the University of Madrid and taught English in Spain. While it was believed that she would return to the big screen, this never really happened until a personal tragedy made her focus on her finances and she started putting her energy on creating jewelry and having other investments. Angharad finally came back in front of the camera just before her death and we can say she was still beautiful.


Television personality Martha Stewart is known for many things and her reputation as an entrepreneur and investment expert precedes her. Best known for her show and magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Martha has earned a recognition and a well-stocked bank account in a short time in the industry, but all her business finances were reviewed after the allegations of insider trading. In the end, she was involved in some shady business and even the best lawyer could not get her out of jail.


Actress and world-renowned activist, Olivia Newton-John was popular for her role in the musical Grease. Being one of the most lucrative singers of all time, Olivia sold over 100 million records worldwide and has contributed to breast cancer awareness after a protracted fight against the disease. While the beautiful actress has never had a reason to visit drug rehab centers, her daughter has had her share of drug and alcohol abuse. Not even a big bank account can prevent certain slips.


While we have seen several child actors lose control and crack under pressure, Jenny Agutter is one of the few whose image has never been tarnished by any controversy. While her peers were struggling with alcohol and other problems, she made a smooth transition to the big screen and made her way to fame. She may have missed school a few times, but with the number of online colleges and universities available today, her options remain fairly open.


Known for her role in the Happy Days series, Erin Moran was a beautiful actress, who managed to stay gorgeous, but who faced the most unfortunate circumstances. Erin struggled to secure quality roles after the series was concluded, which nearly bankrupted the actress. Each of her bank account were compromised because of her visits to detoxification treatment centers for her addictions to alcohol and drugs. After a series of mortgage payments or mortgage problems, she became homeless and died of throat cancer.


While in high school, Cybill entered the showbiz and started working as a model. She then turned her career to film and quickly received praise from critics for her acting skills and she raised up to $40 million in earnings. Unfortunately, the 67 year old had a hard time keeping her love life steady and had to resort to a few divorces. On the plus side, she is still beautiful and seems to be looking for love.


Pfeiffer is considered one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses and her impressive roles in films like Scarface and Batman Returns remain unforgettable. But like other celebrities, Pfeiffer has some vices, like smoking. Unlike all her colleagues, however, she managed to stay away from rehab centers. Even better, she has been married for 30 years with David E. Kelly. She is always radiant with love and beauty.


Former model and Broadway star Lauren Bacall entered the industry on a mission to gain our attention. She quickly became the 20th biggest female Hollywood star, which was just one of the dividends of her hard work, but she has consolidated her earnings prospects in the industry. At 89, the icon died of a stroke. Rest in peace Lauren.


Lisa Whelchel is the author of The New Mickey Mouse Club and The Facts of Life. The musician and author has proven that she is not only a beautiful face after surviving Survivor: Philippines and a divorce. Despite all her problems, she has remained phenomenal and we would not want to retouch her appearance.


Olivia de Havilland is labeled as one of the biggest stars of the golden age of classic Hollywood. Her most notable projects included films such as The Adventures of Robin Hood, Gone with the Wind, To Each His Own and The Heiress. Although this legendary beauty has been retired for almost 30 years, she has not been forgotten. Today, the actress is worth about $20 million and even at the venerable age of 101, she is always sublime.


A well-known figure in film and theater, Judi Dench paid her dues in Hollywood and is currently enjoying dividends. She made a great start on stage playing in Hamlet and in the ’90s she gained international recognition for her role in James Bond films. But while she managed to avoid trouble, her daughter only did the opposite and there were rumors that Judi hired a lawyer to solve her daughter’s problems.


Julie Andrew’s portfolio contains iconic roles in the most memorable films like Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music and her stage work is equally impressive. Apparently, she had a lot of problems behind the big screen; Among other things, she had to go to a lawyer for a lawsuit against the doctor who had badly operated on her throat, leaving her unable to sing, and then sued a magazine that claimed she was being treated for some kind of abuse. of drugs. She is still popular and beautiful.


With a range of hit songs to earn millions of dollars in revenue, Chaka Khan is the ultimate queen of funk music. But while her life seems all rosy, the autobiography of the singer showed shocking revelations about her personal and professional life. She recounts her intention to enter a detox center. And provided she stays away from bankruptcy, she has a chance to return to the top of the charts once again.


With her appearance, it’s easy to forget that Lola Falana is 74 years old. The actress, singer and dancer has earned a reputation as one of the best paid singers in Las Vegas. However, the last musical performance of Lola dates back to 1997 and considering that she has suffered from multiple episodes of multiple sclerosis, we are happy that there is no report of bankruptcy or death bearing her name.


After achieving stardom as a Bond Girl in The Spy Who Loved Me, Barbara Bach is one of 70s pin-up girls who even made a former Beatle member, Ringo Star, fall in love with her. She and Ringo prove to others that not all marriages should end in divorce. On top of that, one realizes that her timeless beauty has defied the years when you see what she looks like at 70 without any plastic surgery.


One of the members of the Brat Pack, Ally Sheedy, became famous after winning a role in the 1985 cult movie The Breakfast Club. Then she continued to appear in a series of films, but she also continued her passion for writing. Around the same time, Ally met Richie Sambora and later said that their relationship led her to addiction. A few years later, Ally entered an addiction treatment center to get help with an addiction to prescription drugs.


Pam played prisoners and criminals in the 1970s, which has often been criticized. However, her most notable roles include the one in Coffy and Foxy Brown, as well as the title role in Jackie Brown with which she was able to revive her career. Pam has received numerous nominations, has landed several roles, and has made appearances on television. During her career, she would has accumulated $10 million in net worth, so we can only hope that the actress has good skills in wealth management.


Considered one of the best actresses of her time, Jodie Foster made the transition from childhood to Hollywood star just in time for high school. After graduating from Yale, Jodie took banal roles at the beginning and achieved fame with the film Silence of the Lambs, for which she won both the Academy Award and the Golden Globe. More recently, rumors have surfaced that she has gone to a drug rehabilitation center. Anyway, no signs of that appear when you look at her.


Daryl Hannah is known for being an ardent protector of the environment. Her activist status causes the actress to spend a lot of money on various causes. Her beliefs have also led her to constantly pay a lawyer, in light of her multiple arrests in the past. More recently, the actress made headlines for her wrinkle-free face that fueled the rumors of plastic surgery.


After having participated in a beauty contest at the age of 15, Sophia Loren, born in Italy, decided to pursue a career as an actress. Sophia is famous for her appearances in films like The Pride and the Passion, Houboat, and It Started in Naples. She was sent to prison following allegations of tax evasion in 1974. Given the amounts in her bank account, it may take little more than mere allegations and a criminal defense lawyer to send her before the tribunal.


After making her acting debut in Going South debut in 1978, Mary Steenburgen became one of the most successful Oscar-winning actresses, with roles in such films as Melvin and Howard and Parenthood. The divorced mother of two children has had some difficulties in her life, especially because of divorces, but all her problems seem very far from being because of aging. Indeed, she is still as sublime as before.


Judging by her flawless skin, Rene Russo seems to have the best skin care products out there. Much of the credit goes to all the genes that made her look so good in the 1960s. The former actress and model partnered with Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon and Ransom. In addition to her professional achievements, the beautiful actress can be proud of her marriage that has stood the test of time for more than 40 years, saving the cost of lawyer fees.

37. IMAN

Many women in their thirties are not as beautiful as Iman who is in her 60s. The older model, who has graced the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, was first discovered while attending the University of Nairobi. After retiring from modeling, Iman married the late rocker David Bowie and started a line of cosmetics. Interestingly, she used to take pictures to cover her tuition, which was $8,000. She certainly managed to raise enough money to repay everything!


With looks like hers at age 62, Lena can make you worried about your appearance. Before becoming an actress, Lena worked both as a hospital nurse and as a substitute teacher. She has won numerous awards and became so famous for her appearance in Enemies: A Love Story and Chocolate. The mother of two has millions in her bank accounts and that does not just cover the luxuries of her life, but also the inevitable expenses like auto insurance and home insurance. Lena has been married for over 20 years.


The American actress, film producer, writer and former model Geena Davis made her first film appearance in 1982 in the film Tootsie. Her career progressed quickly, especially after playing in The Fly, Beetlejuice, and Thelma & Louise. At the time, when online bachelor’s degrees were not yet invented, she received her bachelor’s degree in theater from Boston University. Geena was even part of the US Olympic Archery Team in 1999.


Who else admits that Andie MacDowell looks even better each time you see her? The actress seems to use an anti-aging elixir and we would like to have access to it too. Maybe she’s still so radiant because she has never succumbed to alcohol and drug addiction or visited drug rehab centers, but there’s definitely some stuff that makes sure that even at age 50, Andie turns heads! We certainly want to know the secret of the Short Cuts actress.


It’s hard to believe that time has passed since her first appearance on the big screen, mainly because Angela Basset seems to refuse to age. Angela graduated in Fine Arts in the 1980s, then set out to conquer the world, which she did. After 30 years in the industry, it must be admitted that it has created very little stir in the media. To top it all, she remains beautiful even at 59 years.


Barbra Streisand has had a remarkable impact on Hollywood. She has had a career that spans more than six decades and is also a philanthropist spurred by millions of dollars in revenue. Now 75, Streisand has an unbeatable music portfolio – a record that is only one of the dividends of her hard work and perseverance. But most important, she has an undeniable and timeless beauty.


Salma Hayek’s acting career began just 19 years ago and since her debut, the magnificent actress has made great strides in the industry. Thirty years later, she went from a naive teenager who spoke a limited English to a world-class star with multiple awards and a bank account that harbors the dividends of her hard work. The 51 year old woman could be considered a young woman in her twenties! No doubt it helps when we have François-Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering and French billionaire as husband and we have never been struggling with any dependence!


Actress turned supermodel Sharon Stone may be approaching her sixties, but she manages to keep her physique enviable. It is hard to believe that she has remained active in projects mainly for adults without falling into problems that are often associated with it. Everyone knows that drug rehab centers are not unknown to movie stars, but Sharon did not visit any. She made her debut in Woody Allen’s Stardust Memories.


Katey Sagal may have gained fame for her memorable role in Married…with children, but the actress is more famous for her divorces in real life; you might think she’s subscribed to divorce offices with her four divorces! Combined with alcohol addiction and a few visits to rehabilitation centers, it’s no surprise that she barely managed to finish her studies at the California Institute of Arts. Nevertheless, she managed to remain dazzling despite the difficulties. Nobody told us that adversity is good for the skin!


Once crowned Miss New Zealand and lead actress of the movie Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless was lucky enough to dazzle us with her beauty and talent and she always did it without any flaws. With a booming career, Lucy has raised up to $15 million, but instead of saving her money, she decided to pay a criminal defense attorney to be constantly ready to help her when she was taking bold positions as an activist. She also made some personal investments.


Another Bond Girl, Jane Seymour, has become an iconic Hollywood figure. Her role in Live and Let Die made her famous, but her condition, heterochromia, sets her apart from others. Although she has been married four times, Jane has kept her head out of the water, which may seem miraculous knowing that her third husband left her close to bankruptcy after making unsuccessful investments. Nevertheless, Jane has grown old beautifully and is still beautiful!

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