9 reasons why you should say thanks to your mom and share this article with her

Whatever your age, whether you are at an age where you've been taking care of yourself for a long time or not, you will always need your mom.


The more we grow up, the more we like to think that we can manage ourselves and take our own decisions. Once we start high school, it is like a switch gets turned on and we are finally smart enough to fix ourselves. This means that it’s time to start acting like an adult and there are so many things you can start doing yourself!

But whatever your age, from time to time, it is just too much to manage…And it is at that moment that your mom is always ready to intervene and to save the situation.

Here are 9 reasons why you will always need her and why you should always tell her thank you. 

1. She has an answer to all your questions


“Will I be warm enough today or do I need a sweater?” “Do you find it looks normal or do you think it looks infected?” “Do I have to wait for the oven to be really hot or can I put in the chicken right away?” Whatever you ask your mom, she will always know the answer. 

2. She is your personal doctor


She is the first person with whom you want to talk to when you start feeling sick. She knows exactly what your symptoms mean and can detect the difference between a cold and the flu simply by looking at you. She probably has a whole cabinet filled with medication that she uses to nurse you, and if it is more serious, she will do anything to help you.

3. She has tips and trick for every single thing

She is the one you call when you have a stain on your favourite t-shirt, since she knows the easiest way to make it disappear. She knows how long you can wait after the expiry date before it is time to clean out your fridge. She tells you where to buy things to get the best deals. And she always knows what to do to make you feel better when you feel in need.

4. She will (usually) take your side

If you are fighting with your father, she will probably take his side. But, or else in general, your mother supports you and she will always defend you because she believes in you.

5. She forgets everything else when you are in need


You have been her first priority since the day you were born, and even if she is annoyed or angry with you, she will never ignore your needs. Whether you are sick, stuck on the side of the road ou you just had a really bad day and you need a hug, your mom will always be there for you in a heartbeat.

6. She always encourages you

She will be there when you make your first steps to the first time you use the toilet. She will be there from your first day at preschool until the day you get your last diploma. She will be present at every match, every concert, and every academic contest. She is your biggest admirer and she will never let you forget it.

7. She is brutally honest with you


If your makeup looks bad, she will try to make you take it off. If a guy you’re interested in isn’t interested in you, she will tell you to move on. If you’ve gained a few pounds, she will probably tell you. If your ‘best friend’ doesn’t treat you well, she will let you know. If you’re wearing something she doesn’t like, she won’t be shy to tell you. She won’t do this because she is mean, but because she cares about you and she doesn’t want someone else to hurt you.

8. She makes sacrifices so you can always have what you want/need


Your mother will always put you first, even if that means that she will deprive herself from something she likes. She will gladly give you the last dessert, even if she really wants it. She will put back a blouse she likes at the store if she knows she has to buy you new shoes. She will even get out of bed to take care of you if you are sick and she is even sicker than you.

9. She will pamper you, whatever your age

She likes to pamper you and to make you smile because seeing you happy makes her happy too. Even if you’re an adult, over the age limit and vaccinated, you are still a baby in the eyes of your mother, and what ever your age, this will never change.

Let’s be honest, what ever our age, we will always need our mothers (or should I say, our superheroes?)

Source : The Odyssey Online