10 bad habits that will make you age prematurely

It's not only cigarettes and sun exposure that can make you age prematurely. Here are 10 bad habits to absolutely avoid.


It goes without saying that smoking cigarettes and catching too many rays can make your skin age prematurely, so congratulations if you stopped smoking and if you always put sunscreen. Know that there exist other lifestyle habits that can harm the appearance of your skin. If you’re trying to go back in time, or at least slow down your ageing process, don’t neglect these other lifestyle habits that could sabotage your efforts to counter the effects of time.

1You don’t sleep a lot

It is not rare for very busy people to push back their sleep hour to do other things. The problem with this is that not enough sleep can be extremely bad for your health: studies link a lack of sleep with hypertension, diabetes, weight gain, as well as ageing prematurely. You don’t need to get 8 perfect hours of sleep every night, but sleeping has to stay a priority as often as possible: your body will thank you. The sleeping needs of everyone are very different. To know how much sleep you need, sleeping experts recommend to spend one night without an alarm and to see the time at which you wake up naturally. For most people, it’s 7-8 hours.