The top 10 bob haircuts pinned on Pinterest

Bob haircuts have been quite popular for a long time now. If you're still hesitating whether you should adopt it, here are the top 10 bobs on Pinterest.


Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, and Victoria Beckham have all tried this haircut at least once. It is therefore normal that you might be looking to try this very popular haircut. Whether you opt for a classic bob, an asymmetrical one, or a lob, know that this haircut will keep you fresh during spring and summer as well as giving a break to your hair from harmful hair products. Discover the most pinned bob haircuts on Pinterest. This way, the next time that you go to the hairdresser, you will have tons of hair ideas!

1. A lateral bob

Hair Silver

This audacious style will make everyone’s head turn, we guarantee it! Shaving and keeping your hair short on one side and opt for voluminous and longer hair on the other side. This will create dramatic contrast, but a very stylish one!

2. A long bob (lob)

Who What Wear

You can choose to have a longer one if you’re not ready to cut your hair so short just yet. This photo proves that choosing a simple and classic cut is always a winning choice.

3. A bob combining a natural look with colour

Le Fashion

For a messy look with blond highlights, let your natural colour show through your locks. Know that this will make them much easier to maintain.

4. A curly bob

Trend Survivor

Who said you couldn’t curl short hair? To add volume and personality to your haircut, nothing is better than a good curly blowout! If you don’t know how to curl your own hair, go check out this article.

5. An asymmetrical and short bob

Hair Push

Asymmetrical haircuts don’t need to be intense or dramatic. This feminine style is chic and elegant. You can ask your hairdresser to go gently with the drastic scissor cuts or on the contrary, to make sharp cuts to get different lock lengths.

6. An above the shoulder bob

The Chic Site

Are you having difficulties with choosing between a long or short one? The ideal situation is to choose one just above the shoulder. Not too short, not too long, this haircut is sublime and will make you feel lighter.

7. A short bob with bangs

Nasty Gal

You can’t go wrong with short hair and bangs. It is, unquestionably, a very trendy haircut since it combines two very chic styles. Don’t be scared to try this very fashionably haircut.

8. A long bob with a side part

Le Fashion

For those who think this style is only great for younger women, you are wrong. A side part can make this look more mature and feminine.

9. A casual bob

The Right Hairstyles

If you’re a fan of the nonchalant, messy, wavy look, you should absolutely try this style. It will give you a cool attitude, whatever you’re wearing.

10. A short and classic bob

Her Campus

This haircut was popularized by the beautiful Keira Knightley. Since then, we see this type of short and classic style everywhere. We love the sophistication of this haircut. It is a great choice for women who love to look chic.