The top 10 bob haircuts pinned on Pinterest

Bob haircuts have been quite popular for a long time now. If you're still hesitating whether you should adopt it, here are the top 10 bobs on Pinterest.


Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, and Victoria Beckham have all tried this haircut at least once. It is therefore normal that you might be looking to try this very popular haircut. Whether you opt for a classic bob, an asymmetrical one, or a lob, know that this haircut will keep you fresh during spring and summer as well as giving a break to your hair from harmful hair products. Discover the most pinned bob haircuts on Pinterest. This way, the next time that you go to the hairdresser, you will have tons of hair ideas!

1A lateral bob

Hair Silver

This audacious style will make everyone’s head turn, we guarantee it! Shaving and keeping your hair short on one side and opt for voluminous and longer hair on the other side. This will create dramatic contrast, but a very stylish one!