10 things to know to have a nice style without spending your whole pay check

Are you looking for ideas to style your clothes in a more fashionable way? Here are 10 easy tips you can try that won't break the bank.


Most people think that to have a nice style and to be fashionable you need to spend a fortune on clothes and accessories. This is actually not true. In fact, you can be fashionable without spending a dime. You don’t believe us? Here are 10 hacks to know to have a cool and trendy look at all times and most importantly, you can get this without spending any money!

1. Roll your jeans


Rolling your pants will make your shoes stand out but it will also help you avoid having a shorter, stockier shape when you wear flat shoes. This is a way to be more fashionable in less than 30 seconds. Why not try it then?

2. Tuck your shirts into your skirts and pants


This is a must on Pinterest and Instagram: Every single fashionista tucks in their shirts into their skirts and pants. As well as making you stylish, this will elongate your shape. Fantastic, no?

3. Roll your sleeves


You did it with your pants, why not do it with your shirt sleeves also? Scrunch them up or roll them to make your arms look longer and thinner. You can also layer a shirt under your other shirt or a see through blouse. It will look feminine and pretty!

4. Loosely knot your belt


Belts aren’t worn in the traditional and classic way anymore. Knot it around your waist in a loose way to add an extra cool touch to your style.

5. Undo a few of your shirt buttons

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Undo a few of your shirt buttons to be more fashionable and to look smaller. Avoid undoing more than 3 buttons though to keep things PG.

6. Show off your shoulders


Off the shoulder tops are very trendy in 2018. To show off your shoulders without buying a new shirt, all you need to do is take one of your blouses or shirts that are too big for you (you can also use your boyfriend’s or brother’s) and undo the top buttons and lower your shirt to show your shoulders.

7. Tie a jacket around your waist


This is a perfect trend that doesn’t require any spending: all you have to do is tie a jacket around your waist, that’s it. This will free your hands and give you a very laid back look. Don’t hesitate to tie your jacket around your pencil skirt or a fancier dress to dress things down.

8. Wear a silk scarf around your wrist


Do you think you can only wear your silk scarf around your neck? You are wrong! You can tie it around your wrist, your bag or even your belt. You can also tie it in your hair for a 60s chic look.

9. Keep your shoulders warm

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Are you too cold to tie your jacket around your waist? Try wearing it untied, on your shoulders without putting your arms in the sleeves. This will elevate your outfit, we guarantee!

10. Stack jewellery


It is sometimes difficult to choose which jewellery to wear. Great news: you can wear them all at the same time! Stack them and mix and match gold with silver to add more style to your outfits.