These hacks will completely change your beauty routine

Every woman has a beauty routine. Some have much faster ones than others. Here are a few beauty hacks to add to your routine.


It is quite nice to use beauty products and face creams that smell nice and make our skin bright and hydrated. These products help us feel more beautiful while giving us more self-esteem. Although, it is not nice nor fun to cut on beauty sleep to invest in a long morning beauty routine. Thankfully, certain beauty hacks can help us save times and make our lives much easier. 

1. Keep makeup remover wipes close to your bed


Sleeping with your makeup on can cause blemishes and infections. By keeping some makeup remover wipes close to your bed, you don’t risk skipping this extremely important hygienic step even if you are extremely exhausted.

2. Make a glitter ombre at the base of your nails


The best way to hide that your nails are growing is by adding a glitter ombre at the base of your manicure.

3. Use a blowdryer to make your creams, serums, toners and self-tanners dry faster


Certain products like hydrating creams and self-tanners have to dry completely before you can go on to the next step of your morning routine. A hair dryer can really help accelerate this process.

4. Add a bit of colour to your face with some lipstick


Apply lipstick to your cheeks, your eyebrow arch and on your lips then blend it in with your fingers to get a nice subtle glow. It is a quick and simple way to add a little bit of colour to your face.

5. Conquer contouring



To show off your facial features, rapidly trace a “3” with a concealer that is 2 times too light for your undereye. Start to draw the line from the top of your forehead, the middle line right above your cheekbone and the third line right before your jaw.

Then, draw a reverse “3” (so an “E” shape) with a concealer that is twice as dark as your foundation. Start the line near your temple, place the second line right under your cheekbone and the third line under your jaw. Then, blend everything in to get a perfect contour.

6. Create a cat eye without any blunders


You can fix blunders with a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline.

7. If you don’t have any liquid or gel eyeliner left, use your mascara


Use a small brush to grab some mascara liquid and then use it to create an eyeliner line.

8. Make your eyes shine


To make your eyes shine, take a nude or white eyeliner and trace a line on the inner border of your lower eyelid.

9. Create a smokey eye in 30 seconds


To create a smokey eye in less than 30 seconds, all you have to do is take a cotton swab and gently rub the eyeliner line you applied on top of your lid. It isn’t more complicated than that.

10. Hide your roots with dry shampoo


Spray your roots with dry shampoo, leave it for a few minutes, then run a brush through your hair to spread the product. Your roots will be automatically be covered, so you don’t have to call your hairstylist panicked, trying to get an appointment.