20 gardening hacks that will make your neighbours jealous

All green thumbs and gardening newbies alike could use these clever and unexpected tips and tricks for attaining the best fruits and vegetable or flower garden of your life with minimal effort. Whether you do it for fun or for show, whether you are a gardening pro or not, here are 20 hacks that will surprise you and help you have a beautiful garden all summer long!


Gardening is one of the many joys of summer. Many people spend a lot of time in their flower or vegetable garden to create miracles with simple shoots and a little love. While some cherish this past time and would gladly spend days both hands in the dirt, others see it as a difficult task to enjoy in-season produce or have a beautiful blossoming front and back yard.

But whether you have a green thumb or not and whether you do it for fun or by obligation, these 20 gardening tips will surprise you and help you obtain the pretty flowers or huge vegetables you desire. These tips will allow you to have a beautiful garden with a minimum of effort, making all your neighbours jealous!

1. Humidity diapers


Your potted plants will thank you. If you wish to maintain the right humidity levels in your clay plots and if you don’t want to worry about your roots rotting, simply place some diapers (the opening upwards), at the bottom of the pots, before adding water. Your plants will stay hydrated and you’ll never have to worry if you watered them too much.

2. Biodegradable gardening


This hack is an excellent way to reuse your old toilet paper rolls and allows you to create little biodegradable planters for your seedlings. You can even plant the seedlings, in the homemade planters, directly in your garden and they will decompose themselves with time.

3. Wine bottles to water the plants


If you are looking for a way to water your plants without manually doing it, all you have to do is fill a wine bottle with water and place it in a pot filled with earth. The water will slowly empty out over time so you’ll never have to worry about your plants won’t have enough water.

4. Seeds on a paper band

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If you want a quick and affordable way to create your own seed bands, all you need is to use some toilet paper, water and flour. Make a paste with the water and flour (1 part flour for 3 part water) and gently place it on the toilet paper. Then, place the seeds in the paste, and place the seed band in your garden beds. Easy, inexpensive and effective!

5. Protection against frost

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Cracks and night frost can kill your plants in a heartbeat. Thankfully, a milk jug can save them. All you need to do is cut the bottom of the large jug and place it over your most fragile plants. The plastic will help regulate their temperature.

6. Heart and star shaped vegetables

Did you know that you could mould your vegetables into different shapes? If you want heart-shaped or star-shaped tomatoes, you can buy kits that will mould your fruits and vegetables in various shapes! This is some creative gardening.

7. Fresh basil

Alternative Consumers

If you wish to grow your own herbs, there are no reasons why you should buy them already potted. All you need to do is buy some fresh basil and dip the stems in water. You will start to notice thin transparent roots developing after a few weeks. That means they are ready to be transplanted.

8. Sweeter tomatoes

If you’re tired of tasteless and acidic tomatoes, here is a tip for you. All you need to do is sprinkle your tomato seeds with baking soda when you plant them.

9. Salt deposit removal

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Most gardening experts know that salt deposits can break clay pots. Thankfully, you can create a solution with vinegar, alcohol, and water to clean them. Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle, then spray it on your pots. The salt deposits will thus be easier to remove.

10. Clean your fingers easily


Gardening forces you to play in the earth so removing dirt from your fingernails can be a real ordeal. To avoid constantly having dirty nails, all you need to do is press your nails into a soap bar before you start gardening and to wash your hands once you’ve finished. The soap will act as a barrier against the dirt.

11. Garden markers

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Starting your own garden from scratch can sometimes be confusing if you don’t remember where you planted stuff and what you planted. Therefore, making your own garden markers is essential. All you need to do is take some rocks and let out your creativity. This way, you can label your seedlings with style.

12. Soak the seeds

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If you want your seeds to take root so they become more solid, dip them in lukewarm water for 24 hours.

13. Easy sweet herbs

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A lot of people buy their sweet herbs at the grocery store, but it is less expensive to have your own herb garden at home. Also, they are very simple to grow and maintain. All you need to do is buy an old wood box that you can buy in a flea-market, fill the box with earth and plant your herbs.

14. Roses and potatoes united!


If you want your own rosebushes but you can’t afford to buy some, all you need to do is buy a few individual roses and cut an inch of the stem. Then, place the stem in a potato. Plant the potato, and, in a few months, you will have your own roses!

15. Birdbath


This is a really simple way to make a birdbath. If you have a tree stump in your garden, simply place a clay bowl or a tray on top of it. Then, place a heavy object, like a rock in the bowl or plate and fill it with water.

16. Quick watering can


A milk jug can be used to quickly water your plants. Make holes in it and that’s it!

17. Gardening tool holder


By keeping your gardening tools in a sand-filled clay pot, you’ll make sure they always stay clean and free of rust, thanks to the natural oils in the sand. Simple and effective, this tip will keep your tools free from dirt at all times.

18. Soil parasites prevention

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Did you know you could use ground coffee to prevent parasites from taking over your garden? All you need to do sprinkle some on the ground and you’ll never have to worry about aphids destroying your tomato plants again. Coffee also helps enrich the soil, so it’s a win-win situation.

19. Incline your lawn for an appropriate drainage

There is nothing worse for a garden than too much watering. Thankfully, if you incline your flower beds and your garden space, this will create a natural draining system that will allow the extra water to escape. This way, you will avoid root decay and rot.

20. Say goodbye to weeds!


Weeds can be a real problem when it comes to gardening. Thankfully, there is a simple solution to remedy this problem: salt! Chemical herbicides will not only kill your weeds but they will kill everything in your garden. The simple act of putting salt on your weeds will eliminate them quickly without killing your entire garden.


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