20 gardening hacks that will make your neighbours jealous

All green thumbs and gardening newbies alike could use these clever and unexpected tips and tricks for attaining the best fruits and vegetable or flower garden of your life with minimal effort. Whether you do it for fun or for show, whether you are a gardening pro or not, here are 20 hacks that will surprise you and help you have a beautiful garden all summer long!


Gardening is one of the many joys of summer. Many people spend a lot of time in their flower or vegetable garden to create miracles with simple shoots and a little love. While some cherish this past time and would gladly spend days both hands in the dirt, others see it as a difficult task to enjoy in-season produce or have a beautiful blossoming front and back yard.

But whether you have a green thumb or not and whether you do it for fun or by obligation, these 20 gardening tips will surprise you and help you obtain the pretty flowers or huge vegetables you desire. These tips will allow you to have a beautiful garden with a minimum of effort, making all your neighbours jealous!

1Humidity diapers


Your potted plants will thank you. If you wish to maintain the right humidity levels in your clay plots and if you don’t want to worry about your roots rotting, simply place some diapers (the opening upwards), at the bottom of the pots, before adding water. Your plants will stay hydrated and you’ll never have to worry if you watered them too much.