You can finally say goodbye to pain caused by your period

Every time you have your period, do you experience pain in your stomach? Here are a few solutions to try right now.


It is not a surprise that not one single woman likes to get her period. It is an unpleasantness that every woman has to live with once a month. Also, it is sometimes accompanied by menstrual pains. However, this problem can be fixed with the help of a few natural, hormonal or medicinal hacks. Here are a few solutions to adopt if you constantly suffer from period related pains. 

1Adapt your diet

saumon poisson legumes

Know that what you eat can influence how you feel during your menstrual cycle. Indeed, your consumption of sugar can have an effect on your menstrual cycle. Overconsumption of sugar results in overproduction of insulin, which produces pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. These hormones are responsible, among other things, for the pain we feel when we have our periods. You should, therefore, switch from sugar to fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, etc.) as well as any food rich in omega-3. Note that you should also avoid red meat and coffee when you feel pain. Coffee is a substance that accentuates pain as well as stress.