Use these beauty tips to look like your favourite celebrity

If you love beauty products and wish to have the same look as your favourite celebrity, here is the perfect guide to follow makeup trends!


Celebrities are now thinking outside the box when it comes to their makeup looks. In fact, they are abandoning the traditional smokey eye accompanied with a red lip on the red carpet for bolder, more colourful looks in 2018. All the better since the beauty product market is ready for these new trends! Although nothing’s wrong with classic looks, we appreciate the audacious looks we’ve recently seen on the red carpets. Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Viola Davis have inspired us to be more adventurous with our own makeup routines. Without further ado, here are a few trendy looks to try if you wish to look more like your favourite celebrities. 

1. Blue eyelashes

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At the 2018 GLAAD Media Awards, Chloë Grace Moretz’s eye makeup was as beautiful as she is. The makeup artist Mai Quynh swept the actress’ lashes with a cobalt blue mascara after adding some pink and light blue on her eyelids. This dreamy eye look with some pink blush looks great.

2. Double cat eye

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The makeup artist Allan Avendaño did not stop himself from adding some extra eyeliner on each of Camila Cabello’s eyelids when she attended the iHeartRadio Music Awards. He added a second eyeliner line directly under her eyelid to create an audacious two layer cat eye look.

3. Coral tints

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Taylor Hill dipped herself in every shade of coral from head to toe for the 2018 Oscars Vanity Fair party with the help of the makeup artist Hung Vanngo. He dared to use this summery colour for her eye makeup, her blush and her lipstick and the result is incredible.

4. Pink and gold

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The makeup artist Sergio Lopez-Rivera applied a pink eyeshadow in the outer corners of Darby Stanchfield’s eyes and mixed it with a sparkling rose gold colour when she attended the Oscars viewing party. The same rose gold tint was also added to the cheekbones of the How to Get Away With Murder actress.

5. Yellow eyeshadow

Kim Kardashian/Instagram

The makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic swept a yellow eyeshadow on Kim Kardashian’s eyes and frankly, it is fabulous. The look enhances her pink hair and her tan.

6. Sunset eyes

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The makeup artist Sergio Lopez-Rivera transformed Viola Davis’ eyelids into a magnificent ombre with colours that remind us of a sunset. Exquisite!

7. Eyeliner and smokey eye

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This makeup is the perfect combination of eyeliner and smokey eye. The makeup artist wanted to showcase this celebrity’s eyes and opted for a nude blush and a light pink lipstick. It is the perfect look to go out on the town.

8. Dark blue lipstick

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When makeup artist Vincent Oquendo asked Hailey Baldwin to be ready for the Brit Awards, she wasn’t expecting to wear this lipstick. He applied a dark blue lipstick on her lips. He made sure, beforehand, to add some brilliance and hydration to the model’s lips with the Bite Beauty Agave lip mask.

9. Aquamarine

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For Paris Fashion Week, Quynh matched Chloë’s Louis Vuitton brocade vest with her sparkly aquamarine makeup. Then, Quynh chose pink and peach tints for the rest of her makeup. What a great idea!

10. Violet and gold

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Speaking of Rihanna, the singer unveiled the next Fenty Beauty launch after playing at the Grammys and we love her golden red lips and her violet eyeshadow. The metallic duo is perfectly harmonious.

11. Fluorescent pink

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For the Golden Globes after party, Emily Ratajkowski added some colour to her little black dress with a fluorescent eyeshadow colour. The makeup artist Hung Vanngo applied this vibrant eyeshadow on the actress’ entire eyelid before sweeping it towards the top. She then added a delicate pink lipstick to her lips to balance her minimalist look.

12. White line

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Instead of using a classic black liner, the makeup artist Pati Dubroff showcased Margot Robbie’s eyelids by applying white liner for the I, Tonya movie premiere. Dubroff kept the rest of her makeup fresh and light by adding a little bit of highlighter to her cheekbones, some light pink blush and a pink nude lip.

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