Every time she gets out of her pool, she tosses a tennis ball in. Learn why!

If your pool or hot tub water is always oily or unclear because of sunscreen residue, this trick will fix your problem in no time.


Summer is synonymous with joy and pleasure, but can also become overwhelming when the weather gets too hot. Some people are lucky enough to have air conditioning in their house, but it is clear that this is a luxury not everyone is lucky to have. There are also people who have swimming pools. Of course, these require constant maintenance. However, you can clean your pool with a simple tennis ball.

1A lot of dirt can accumulate in your pool


Whether you have an in-ground or aboveground pool, a lot of dirt can accumulate, like hair, dead skin, sunscreen, insects, etc. It is therefore important to constantly clean it at the risk of seeing this dirt floating near you when you are lounging around peacefully…