What to say to your partner every day to keep the flame alive

The relationships that work best are those where the partners ensure to keep the flame alive. Here is what to say to make sure you have a long relationship.


Falling in love is not complicated. Most of the time, this happens when we don’t even realize it. If it’s mutual, we quickly become a couple with the person we’re in love with. Admittedly, maintaining the flame in a relationship is a bit more complex. After a certain time, one can feel detached from our partner or one can feel a certain distance from their part. Here are a few words and sentences to say to the person you love daily to keep your love alive. 

1. I love you

These words can seem obvious at first glance, and maybe you think you show it enough to the person you love but sometimes everyone needs to hear the words said out loud. Simply make sure that when you say ‘I love you’, they aren’t empty words.

2. I like you a lot

Love is an intense emotion. Telling your partner you ‘like them a lot’ can, in some ways, be even more gratifying than a lot of acts of love. This means you love them as a person, that they’re special, fun and that you want to be close to them. You’re not only in love, you are also best friends.

3. Thank you

Always take the time to show your partner that you appreciate them. Nothing kills love faster than to feel taken for granted by the person you love. Big gestures are great and romantic but love really comes from all the small things that couples do for each other because they love each other. Don’t let those little moments go away. Acknowledge them and thank your partner.

4. How are you?

One of the most loving things you can do is to simply check in with your partner to see how they are doing and to offer them some support when they need it. The moments when we feel the most loved are when someone is really interested in our well-being, so make an effort to be this person for your partner by asking them how they are doing and to ask them to share with you what is going on in their lives.

5. You make me happy

It makes you feel good to know that you make the person you love happy. This also reinforces all the good things that they do for us. Take the time to tell your partner that they make you happy.

6. Here is what I need

This doesn’t mean that you should express everything you need with a ‘list of items to fulfill’. It is more about having a direct conversation about your needs with your partner, instead of not talking about your feelings until you explode or you start being passive-aggressive with them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to express what you need in a relationship because it puts you in a vulnerable position. However, it is the only way to make sure that your needs are met without feeling frustration or resentment.

7. I hear you

Sometimes, feeling ‘heard’ can be a real struggle in a relationship. So when your partner makes an effort to listen to you and to understand what you say, appreciate this effort and listen to them yourself.

8. I desire you

Feeling desired is a big plus for a lot of people, especially after a few years, when certain activities in the bedroom start to slow down and become more of a routine. So, telling your partner you desire them is a way to keep the flame going strong and to keep some passion in your relationship.

9. I believe in you

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If your partner doesn’t believe in you, then why be together at all? If you imagine yourself being together for a long time (or even for a short amount of time), you need to encourage each other to attain your own life goals. One way to do this is to simply let your partner know that you believe in them and that they can succeed in everything that they undertake.

10. I’m here to support you


As well as knowing that you believe in them, it is reassuring for your partner to know that if they fail in one of their endeavours, you’ll be there for them to support them and to help them get back up.


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