What to say to your partner every day to keep the flame alive

The relationships that work best are those where the partners ensure to keep the flame alive. Here is what to say to make sure you have a long relationship.


Falling in love is not complicated. Most of the time, this happens when we don’t even realize it. If it’s mutual, we quickly become a couple with the person we’re in love with. Admittedly, maintaining the flame in a relationship is a bit more complex. After a certain time, one can feel detached from our partner or one can feel a certain distance from their part. Here are a few words and sentences to say to the person you love daily to keep your love alive. 

1I love you

These words can seem obvious at first glance, and maybe you think you show it enough to the person you love but sometimes everyone needs to hear the words said out loud. Simply make sure that when you say ‘I love you’, they aren’t empty words.