Here are 12 beauty tricks you can do with a toothbrush

Everyone has at least one unopened toothbrush from the dentist's office. Instead of throwing them out, use them and try out these beauty tricks.


A toothbrush is an object that is part of our daily lives. This is such a common object that most people have more than one of them in their house. It isn’t rare to go to the dentist and to find ourselves with a dozen of them in our medicine cabinet. It is obviously not necessary to throw them away. You can use these extra brushes to try these hair, nails and other beauty hacks below!

1. Spray a little bit of hairspray on the bristles to control flyaways


Since all the bristles are so close together, they act like a tiny hairbrush. Spray some hairspray to the bristles and brush all your annoying flyaways so they can blend into your hairstyle.

2. Tame your unruly eyebrows


You can tame your unruly eyebrows by spraying some hairspray on the bristles of your brush. Once again, all you need to do is brush them out and that’s it!

3. Remove your self-tanner


Mix one cup water with half a cup of lemon juice and one tablespoon baking soda. Dip your brush in the mix and gently exfoliate the areas where you’ve put too much self-tanner. The lemon juice mix will erase all the darker areas.

4. Exfoliate your lips


Apply some lip balm on your lips, then with the bristles, make circular motions to get rid of the dead skin. It is a great way to exfoliate your lips.

5. Clean your hair dryer vent


The lint stuck in a hair dryer vent can damage the motor, which will affect its effectiveness. Use a toothbrush to clean the vent and to make your hair dryer work better so you’re hair can dry faster.

6. Use it to tease your hair


If you don’t have a small comb or brush, you can use the bristles to tease your hair. It will have the same voluminous effect.

7. Use the bristles to clean your dirty nails


You probably don’t have a nail brush on hand (because really, who has one?) but you do have an extra toothbrush lying around somewhere in your house. Use the bristles to remove any dirt and grime from your nails in mere seconds.

8. Make a textured braid


After braiding your hair, take an old brush and brush the braid gently in upward motions to add texture.

9. Use it to apply hair dye to your hair


Coloured hair chalk can be very messy, especially if it is in a liquid format, so apply it on a toothbrush before, then brush your hair to get the desired look.

10. Remove clumps from your mascara


If ever you apply your mascara and you put too much product on your lashes, use this trick: take a new brush (you don’t want to put a used one near your eyes since you could get an infection) and brush it through the root of your lashes to the ends. The bristles will remove the excess mascara and clumps. You will have beautiful and clump-free lashes.

11. Clean your cuticles with cuticle oil and a toothbrush


Not everyone has the time to go to the beauty salon every two weeks (or the budget). Maintain your cuticles by applying oil on each of them every night to keep them hydrated, and once to twice a week, exfoliate in circular motions the rougher skin around your nails with a toothbrush.

12. Create your own Jackson Pollock nail art


Take a few toothbrushes and choose the nail polish colours you want to apply on your nails. Pour the colours on a paper plate, then dab the head of the first brush in a colour (don’t over saturate it or else you won’t get the desired Pollock effect), then press the brush on your nail at random. Redo this step with other brushes and nail polish colours.