Here are 12 beauty tricks you can do with a toothbrush

Everyone has at least one unopened toothbrush from the dentist's office. Instead of throwing them out, use them and try out these beauty tricks.


A toothbrush is an object that is part of our daily lives. This is such a common object that most people have more than one of them in their house. It isn’t rare to go to the dentist and to find ourselves with a dozen of them in our medicine cabinet. It is obviously not necessary to throw them away. You can use these extra brushes to try these hair, nails and other beauty hacks below!

1Spray a little bit of hairspray on the bristles to control flyaways


Since all the bristles are so close together, they act like a tiny hairbrush. Spray some hairspray to the bristles and brush all your annoying flyaways so they can blend into your hairstyle.