I’ve finally succeeded to ward off mosquitoes and wasps from my house and patio

Never let flies, mosquitoes or even wasps bother you in your house or on your patio again with these simple tricks.


Whether it is houseflies, mosquitoes, wasps, or bees, all insects that fly over our heads are disruptive in our daily lives. Even though these flying bugs are important for our environment and for human survival, they don’t belong in our houses or on our patio. In this sense, here are a few tips to ward them off.

1Fruit flies (1)

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Small fruit flies are not dangerous but they are bothersome in a house. They multiply rapidly and end up taking up too much space in our homes. To eliminate them, all you need to do is capture them with a sugary liquid and some vinegar.

Take a container and add half juice and half vinegar. Then, put plastic wrap on the top and pierce some tiny holes with a needle. Put many of these containers everywhere in the infected rooms. You can say goodbye to these tiny invasive bugs.