Don’t throw away your plastic utensils: Plant them in your garden!

Instead of throwing out your plastic utensils after eating, you should plant them in your garden. Here are some reasons to convince you to do this.


There is nothing more practical than having plastic utensils available when we’re not home. However, instead of throwing out the plastic forks and spoons, you should actually keep them. Believe it or not, but you can use them in many ways. You probably have never thought of using your plastic utensils in your garden but it is quite effective. Here are a few ways to reuse them instead of throwing them out in the garbage. 

1Keep bugs away from your garden

The author of Danger Garden has shared his method. He mentions that by planting plastic utensils in his garden, the majority of animals that used to hang around have finally abandoned his yard and haven’t been in his garden since.

All you need to do is remove the utensils after your plants start appearing. Try to use transparent plastic utensils since they won’t add ugliness to your garden.