10 beauty tips and tricks for all women who never have enough time

If your routine comprises of school, a job and activities with friends, discover 10 beauty tips that are simple and effective. Busy women will love these!


We live in a world where we are asked to be involved in several projects at once and to perform very well. It is therefore normal that we are sometimes caught juggling school, work and going out with friends. If this is your case and you run out of time because of these many activities, here are 10 beauty tips you’ll probably love. Just because you’re a busy young woman, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy beauty products and what they offer!

1Experiment with self-tanner

La Journaliste

With a social life that consists of going out to restaurants or dancing every week, it’s easy to see why having a fake tan is an essential key element to this lifestyle. Indeed, you must always have a sublime complexion. This means you always have self-tanner at home and a clean glove in your bathroom. This is your number one healthy glow tip!