10 beauty tips and tricks for all women who never have enough time

If your routine comprises of school, a job and activities with friends, discover 10 beauty tips that are simple and effective. Busy women will love these!


We live in a world where we are asked to be involved in several projects at once and to perform very well. It is therefore normal that we are sometimes caught juggling school, work and going out with friends. If this is your case and you run out of time because of these many activities, here are 10 beauty tips you’ll probably love. Just because you’re a busy young woman, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy beauty products and what they offer!

1. Experiment with self-tanner

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With a social life that consists of going out to restaurants or dancing every week, it’s easy to see why having a fake tan is an essential key element to this lifestyle. Indeed, you must always have a sublime complexion. This means you always have self-tanner at home and a clean glove in your bathroom. This is your number one healthy glow tip!

2. Are you going from the office to the dance floor? All you need is eyeliner!


You can sublimate any look with a black eyeliner. When you are asked out on a date and it was not planned, all you need is a little tanning powder, a nice outfit and a few minutes to apply your eyeliner line.

3. Avoid facial wipes! Remove makeup quickly and easily with micellar water


It is 2018 and everyone knows that facial wipes are bad for the skin. But what about when you’re in a hurry? The solution is micellar water – just soak two cotton pads and melt away makeup, dirt and impurities in seconds. This is both more effective and more skin-friendly than facial wipes.

4. Opt for spot treatment


Prevention is better than cure! Rather than waiting for imperfections to surface, attack them as soon as you feel them coming. Late nights, stress, and a poor diet, unfortunately, mean you will be more prone to skin rashes. Be aware that a night-time treatment with salicylic acid can help you with these acne rashes.

5. If you don’t know about dry shampoo, get out of your cave!


You should have washed your hair last night, but you ended up watching Netflix until dawn? You can always say goodbye to oily hair by spraying dry shampoo and tying it into a somewhat messy bun. Neither seen nor known!

6. Hydration is the key to many of your problems


Take the habit of leaving a glass of water and a tube of moisturizer next to your bed (especially if you plan to go out to a party). When you go out, drink your full glass of water and apply twice as much cream to your face as you normally do. In the morning, you’ll be radiant with freshness!

7. Camouflage your dark circles


It is inevitable that at some point in your student career or early profession you will have to spend sleepless nights. There is only one way to hide dark circles that are proof of a night spent working hard: concealer. Apply it with your ring finger in light and transparent layers to avoid the cakey effect.

8. Are you short of sleep and time? Apply mascara

If you only have time to apply one beauty product, the one you should choose is mascara. Most women choose this product because it helps to make you look more awake.

9. Get a healthy glow in less than 2 minutes

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You didn’t have time to apply your self-tanner during the weekend or to stick your nose out to tan a little bit? You can still have a healthy glow by sprinkling a little of bronzer powder, which you will have ground into pieces if necessary, into your moisturizer. It’s a quick and easy trick!

10. Dry your nails quickly


To make your nail polish dry faster, simply dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.


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