10 decorating errors you absolutely need to avoid

Follow this guide to avoid 10 common decorating mistakes and transform the interior of your home into a beautiful space you will love!

Do you want to transform the interior of your home and add a few decorative touches or change one or two pieces of furniture, but are afraid of creating a disaster you’ll regret? You don’t have to be a design pro to have a welcoming and comfortable home you are proud to show off. All you need to do is avoid these 10 mistakes to have your dream house or apartment. Read this decorating guide and transform your home now!

1. Don’t place your furniture against the wall

Even if your room is tiny, do not place your furniture right against the walls. Instead, arrange your decorative elements according to the size of the room, you will avoid the impression of suffocation or clutter.

2. Avoid having too many neutral colours

Grey, beige and brown colours are very fashionable at the moment. Yet they are neutral and often depressing shades. Add brighter colours to these shades, such as Nile green.

3. Dare to mix


Why should you always match your living room furniture? Dare to mix a leather sofa with two vintage couches to add a nice touch to your living room.

4. Don’t be scared of colours

Côté Maison

Try to add a touch of red, green or pale yellow to your interior. These colours alone revive a decor.

5. Reduce right-angles


Reduce the number of right angles. They are aggressive, even threatening. Soften your space with a comfortable chair or cushions.

6. Don’t abuse of tile floors


Tiles are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, but don’t put them everywhere! You don’t want your living room to look like your bathroom…

7. Aim for balance


Don’t put a giant sofa in a small room. It will obviously not be harmonious with the rest of the room. On the picture above, all the furniture is well balanced.

8. Find the right lighting

A high ceiling requires good light fixtures. Do not install a small chandelier in a huge room. Don’t also put a big fan over your dining table or desk: it’s a very bad idea.

9. Hide your television

There’s nothing elegant about a television set. Try to hide this element or integrate it into your wall for a little more discretion to your decoration.

10. Opt for a wood kitchen

The metal kitchen, although very trendy, is not very warm. Decorate your kitchen with wood, it’s more welcoming.