Our best vegetable BBQ recipes to try during the summer season with friends and family

Summer often rhymes with BBQ, which is why we present to you our favourite vegetable recipes to grill. To consume without moderation!


One of the pleasures of the summer season is obviously to sit in your backyard and eat a good meal cooked on the BBQ with friends or family. It goes without saying that meat or fish cooked on the barbecue is delicious, but when it is accompanied by colourful vegetables, it is even better! Indeed, you can trade the traditional potato for deliciously prepared seasonal vegetables. Here are some BBQ vegetable recipes to try during the summer season. 

1Brussel sprouts


Cut the ends and remove all yellowed or browned leaves. Marinate the Brussel sprouts with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add 4 to 5 of them on a metal skewer a and cook them for 5 minutes over medium heat.