10 recipe ideas for a gourmet camping trip

Just because you go camping, it doesn't mean you need to only eat fast food. Here are 10 recipes you should try for a mini gourmet trip.


Whether you’re travelling for a week in a European region or hiking in a Quebec park, car camping allows you to eat, sleep and live like a king or queen. Because you have minimal weight constraints and generally only carry your food, sleeping and accommodation equipment, car camping allows you to go where you want, taking only the bare minimum with you to stay as comfortable as possible.

It is important, however, not to neglect the pleasures of your palate for a camping trip. Good food can bring an infinite number of possibilities to your gastronomic pleasure. Spices and herbs can intensify a meal and can easily be packed the day before a camping trip. Here are 10 recipes to concoct for your future camping trip!

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1Biscuits and sauce

You can buy a box of premade savoury biscuits in a grocery store close by or you can make some at home in advance or during your trip. Add some sausage sauce!