Here are 10 sure signs that a guy doesn’t like you

It isn't always obvious to know if someone likes us or not. However, we can know if a guy likes us or not with the help of these 10 signs.


Have you ever dated men who had a really bizarre behaviour? Usually, when you date a guy who has this kind of behaviour, your first reflex is to go see your friends to validate your thoughts: either the person doesn’t like you or you don’t have a future with him. If you wish to save some time (so you can spend more time with your friends), here are 10 sure signs that a guy doesn’t like you. 

1. He was MIA for months and then comes back like nothing’s wrong


What’s happening: He wrote to you or called you after ignoring you for a long period of time.

What you think this means: He is too busy and doesn’t have time to write to you. Or, he was kidnapped and was only to break free this morning. Or, he was wrongly accused of a crime and imprisoned. And, of course, he was thinking about being with you every second of his time.

What this really means: He is wondering if you’re still alive and if you still love him.

2. He starts a conversation but doesn’t finish it

What’s happening: He starts a conversation but then disappears.

What you think this means: He has urgent things to do. His phone battery is dead. He was kidnapped by strangers or something similar.

What this really means: He just wanted to remind you of his existence in case you’re in a good mood and feel like forgetting about the past (as well as his numerous mistakes…)

3. He doesn’t try to continue a conversation offline

What’s happening: You two have been talking online for a while but he hasn’t suggested you guys meet in real yet.

What you think this means: He is very modest and he is scared of you by saying “no”. He is scared of his own emotions. He is not ready to meet a girl as wonderful as you. He will surely contact you and propose for you two to meet up later.

What this really means: He doesn’t want to invite you. He just wants to talk…but not in real life.

4. He wants to be a competitor with the other men who are interested in you


What’s happening: He only reappears in the moments when another man is interested in you.

What you think this means: He is jealous. Things will be different from now on. He finally realized that there are other men interested in you, so now he is scared to lose you.

What this really means: He needs a constant competitor. A relation without any competition is not interesting to him.

5. He is looking for a “special” relationship…but not love

What’s happening: He suggested you stay friends but he still continues to flirt with you.

What you think this means: He hasn’t realized he is in love with you. He is scared you say “no”. He can’t resist your charms. He thinks you two should become good friends before having a romantic relationship.

What this really means: He clearly understands you’re in love with him. And as long as it is fun for him, he will play the game. But he will soon get bored or maybe he will get himself a girlfriend and won’t need you anymore.

6. He barely spends any time with you and only shows up when he feels like it


What’s happening: You sometimes see each other after work.

What you think this means: He is super busy. The only available hour he has for you is after his work meeting… If he is nice. Sometimes, he even spends the night even if he can easily go home to his house.

What this really means: It is very practical for him to have a constant sexual partner. But soon, he will have a real relationship and a real girlfriend and his work will suddenly not be as important anymore. And you will ask yourself: “Why!?!”

7. He doesn’t introduce you to this family or friends

What’s happening: You are a couple but you rarely see his family or friends. Or maybe you don’t even know them at all. You spend all the important vacations separately.

What you think this means: He doesn’t want to kiss you. He is really close to his friends and family, this is why he spends more time with them than with you.

What this really means: You’re not as important to him as his family and friends. He doesn’t want you to think you are his girlfriend or worst, his fiancée. It’s simply because he doesn’t see you like that.

8. He acts like a friend

What’s happening: You communicate online all the time. You often see each other because you know the same people. You spend some great time together but what you do together is never romantic.

What you think this means: He likes you but the wounds from his past relationship haven’t healed yet so he is taking his time.

What this really means: You are a good friend and he finds it fun to be with you. But you are not his girlfriend. You are only a friend.

9. He doesn’t want to discuss a future and doesn’t want any changes to your current situation

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What’s happening: When you try to talk about your future, he becomes mysterious and really angry. And sometimes, he simply says: “I don’t know.”

What you think this means: He’s not used to the fact that your relationship is very serious. He wants to tell you but keep it a surprise.

What this really means: You don’t seem to be wife material or to be the next mother of his children. He likes the way things are between you right now but he wants nothing more. He doesn’t want to talk about the future because he doesn’t want to change your relationship status.

10. He wants to see you when it is convenient for him

What’s happening: You have spent a nice time together and he suddenly disappears.

What you think this means: He needs more time to accept the fact that he now has an extraordinary person like you in his life. He is testing your patience. He has troubles at work and he doesn’t have time for a love life right now. But tomorrow, or after-tomorrow, or another day, everything between you two will work out.

What this really means: He is not interested in you as a real-life partner.