6 simple tips and tricks so your avocados don’t overripen anymore

No more wasting! Your avocado halves will keep their pretty green colour and you will be able to store them in the fridge longer.


Many people love avocados. They are delicious as well as having a multitude of health benefits. Found in our plates quite often nowadays, the avocado is not going anywhere anytime soon. In order to reduce waste and in order for you to conserve your avocado halves longer, here are 6 tips and tricks to slow down the oxidation so your avocados don’t overripen anymore.

6Olive oil


This method allows prolonging the life expectancy of your avocado without altering the taste nor the smell of it. All you need to do is brush olive oil on the half you want to keep before placing it in your fridge in an airtight container. The oil will form a protective layer and will prevent air from coming into contact with the green flesh.