20 celebrity houses with mind-blowing price tags

We all know celebrities own luxurious houses, but did you know that some of them are worth as much as 65 million dollars?


If you were ever under the impression that celebrities are people like you and me, you are about to be disillusioned. This list includes celebrity homes all more sumptuous than the others, such as John Travolta’s humble aerodrome. The size and beauty of these houses are not their only impressive factor, their prices are also absolutely mismeasured. Ready to be blown away?

20Tucker Carlson – 2,2 million, Washington D.C.

Back in 2011, Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson lived in this 4 784 square feet colonial Washington, D.C. residence with his wife Susan and four children. The Kent renovated house was well known for its seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. When Carlson moved to New York for work, the luxurious house was sold for 2,2 million de dollars.