Top 10 most affordable countries to buy a house

Looking to escape or start a new life away from your current home? You could easily purchase a house in one of those most affordable countries.


The cost of living in countries like The United States, England, Australia and France has skyrocketed in the last few years. If you are open to leaving your country and experience life abroad, a lot of beautiful places offer a very low and accessible cost of life. You are ready for an adventure and have the freedom to relocate yourself? Or maybe are you looking for a cheap second home away from home? Consider these 10 most affordable countries to buy a house.


Cambodia is perhaps not the first country that comes to mind when thinking about a tropical paradise, yet it fits the description quite perfectly. And unlike other tropical destinations, life there is extremely affordable. A luxurious house with four bedrooms and a pool would cost only about $600 per month. A decent three-bedroom vacation home can be purchased for $20,000! And for only around $2,000 a year, you can also hire a gardener and a cleaning lady to take care of the property.