10 must-haves if you are always cold at home

These simple and practical ways to stay warm indoors will stop you from freezing at home without an enormous electricity bill.


Winter brings its fair share of great things. The cold is not one of them. And staying inside doesn’t always suffice to flee the chilly weather. If you are one of those who shiver at the thought of having to brave yet another winter, you might want to consider these must-haves to survive the freezing weather. Here are 10 objects to get a hold of if you are always cold at home.

10. Slippers

Keeping your feet warm is the secret to maintaining your body’s heat. The best way to do so? Wearing soft slippers that warm up your toes while being the most comfortable thing you could put on your feet.

9. Dry Hot Compress

A dry hot compress is a lot more practical and cute than its little sister, the traditional hot compress filled with hot water. Theses little Magic Bag type pouches are available in all shapes, sizes, colours and prints. All you need to do is place it in the microwave for a few minutes in order to soothe muscular and stomach pain… Or simply to warm yourself!

8. Robe

Or course, a simple blanket would keep you warm. You can even get an electrically heated one. But if those are great to sit and watch a movie or relax in front of the fireplace with a good book, they are quite unpractical to do things around the house. Go for a comfy robe and wear it over your clothes to stay warm while being able to move freely without having to carry a blanket.

7. Hot Beverage

You’re pilling on layers, but still freezing? You need to warm up from the inside! The secret? A good cup of whatever-you-want-as-long-as-it’s-hot. Tea, infusion, coffee, hot chocolate, mulled wine, cider…

6. Heating Mug

Okay, so the hot drink works fine, but you constantly have to put your mug in the microwave because its content keeps getting cold… You need a smart mug. These amazing Ember cups allow you to control the temperature with your smartphone and, therefore, enjoy a nice hot beverage from start to finish. Thank us later.

5. Tights

You have guests at the house and therefore can’t walk around in your warm pyjamas? That’s very understandable, but no reason to freeze. Simply put on tights under your pants. No one will see it and the extra layer will keep you warm.

4. Writer Gloves

There are cute little miniature electronic hand heaters designed especially to keep your hands warm. But if you actually need to use them, these are of little use. The writer’s gloves, however, are not reserved for writers and allow you to keep busy and warm without affecting your dexterity as would regular gloves.

3. Pyjamas

Forget about fashion, there are more important matters to address: the cold. Hit the stores and look online for the perfect pyjamas, which should look as ridiculous as it is warm, and rock it in comfort.

2. Candles

When modern heating just won’t do, turn to the oldest form of heating known to man: fire. No fireplace, no problem. Treat yourself to a nice collection of candles and see how this trick works better than you’d think.

1. Headphone Earmuffs

Here is a pleasantly useful way of keeping warm if you are always cold at home. These cute earmuffs double as headphones to allow you to listen to movies, music and work on the computer while keeping your ears warm. But don’t only use them indoors. Take them with you for a walk and wear them while waiting for the bus.

Source : Bustle, Glamour