The 10 most beautiful roads for the perfect roadtrip

Ready to take the road? Don't settle for less. Live the experience of your life traveling on some of the most beautiful routes of the world.


Road trips are synonyms of freedom, adventure and discoveries. It’s therefore no surprise that so many people opt for this kind of travel as a vacation project. If it’s your case, know that magnificent roads in America, Europe and Asia are well worth the detour. Here are 10 roads to add to your itinerary for an unforgettable road trip.

10. Route 66 (United States)


The famous route 66, also known as The Mother Road, is a must for any road trip. The road connects Chicago to Los Angeles and extends on 4000 km. If you ever decide to follow it from start to finish, you would be travelling through eight US states!

9. Atlantic Road (Norway)

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The Atlantic route covers 8,3 km from Molde to Kristiansund in Norway. The stunning road travels across eight bridges and overpasses as well as multiple reefs and islands. The view is certainly breathtaking. You might very well want to do it all again in the opposite way once you reach your destination.

8. Karakorum Road (Pakistan)

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The Karakorum route between Chine and Pakistan is an international pathway. Reaching up to 4693 meters in altitude, it is the highest paved road in the world. This fact alone might very well make the visit worth it!

7. Highway 1 (California)


Highway 1 is very well known for its beauty. The road, also called Pacific Coast Highway, seen a great number of tourists every year. Eight hundred and eighty-two km long, it follows the Pacific coast from the North of California and goings through San Francisco and Los Angeles among other cities.

6. the Sani Pass (South Africa)


The Sani Pass covers nine impressive kilometres in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. Before you head in its direction, make sure you are no afraid of heights and that your vehicle is in good conditions. The Sani Pass goes up to 2800 meters in altitude and even offers a spectacular view from high cliffs.

5. Dades Gorges (Morocco)


Another stunning roads to experience is the Dades Gorges in Morocco. Acces it form east of Marrakech in the High Atlas. This is where the impressive road starts before it takes you through mountains and across deserts. Breathtaking!

4. Great Ocean Road (Australia)


3. Route 40 (Argentina)


2. The Baie du Cap (Mauritius)


The Baie du Cap, situated in the South of Mauritius Island between Flic-en-Flac and Bel Ombre, offers an exceptional panorama on turquoise water and the fauna of the region. Chances are you will want to do it again!

1. Tiananmen Route (China)


The Tiananmen route, in China, will surely bring you a good dose of adrenaline! The sinuous road, covering 11 kilometres, brings you through 99 turns, some as harsh as 37 degrees, before taking you to the Tiananmen Caverns, 1200 meters high natural holes, at the top of the mountain! 

Source: Petit Futé