I haven’t bought gift wrapping in 10 years: this is my trick!

If you're looking for the perfect gift wrapping for the holidays, you can officially stop your search. Here are 15 original and affordable ideas!


Just because you bought all your gifts for the holidays in stores, it doesn’t mean you need to buy your gift wrap at the mall. In fact, you can create your very own gift wrapping paper with the help of, for example, recycled objects. Discover a few gift wrapping ideas to impress your loved ones all while keeping your holiday budget in check.

1. A gift wrap perfect for winter


The winter season is the ideal time to wear wool sweaters and socks. Why not add a pretty wool band on your gifts to add a wintery touch?

2. Memories on your gifts


If you collect photos of your loved ones, why not add them to your gift wrap? Your loved ones will surely appreciate seeing these touching memories.

3. An original Christmas calendar

James Baigrie

Don’t throw out your Christmas calendar! Use it to wrap the precious gift of someone you love very much.

4. A retro gift


If you have some nice retro paper napkins lying around, you can always use them to wrap your gifts. This is a very affordable way to embellish a simple gift wrap.

5. A scarf transformed into gift wrap


You can recycle your old scarves and use them to create incredibly fun gift wrapping during the holidays! This, of course, is great because you don’t have to spend a cent on wrapping paper.

6. Stamps on your gifts


Another simple but very original idea is to wrap your gifts with monochromatic paper like this brown one above and decorate it with stamps. You can even ask your kids to help you to make this a fun family activity.

7. An excellent way to recycle your old buttons


Most people accumulate, sooner or later, buttons in their home. If this is your case, give them a second life and decorate your Christmas gifts with them.

8. Sparkling geometric shapes


What could be easier than cutting sparkly gold and silver geometric shapes and superimposing them on your wrapping paper? This will add some style to your gifts, we guarantee it!

9. Christmas flowers for your loved ones


Christmas flowers are splendid, especially on gift wrap. Don’t hesitate to take some cardboard and to cut it into flower or snowflake motifs to add some personality to your gifts.

10. The retro trend

Kylie Parry

We have noticed a return of the retro trend, whether it is in fashion or home decor. If you love everything vintage, why not decorate your gifts with a little bit of lace, fake pearls and pretty knots?

11. A personalized gift


Not only can you personalize your gifts but you can also personalize your gift wrapping by adding the first letter of the first name of the people you care most about on the gifts.

12. Chic brown paper bags

A Creative Mint

You can make your gift wrapping with recycled brown paper bags and decorate them with a pretty ribbon to add a touch of elegance. If you’re feeling inspired and you have artistic abilities, you can also add some drawings on the paper.

13. Use tea towels for kitchen-related gifts

Studio Patro

Tea towels are not only pretty but they are also very practical. You can use them to wrap your culinary gifts until the 25th of December.

14. Festive newspaper


Avoid recycling your newspaper, especially before the holidays. Indeed, you can use it as wrapping paper. Just add some ribbons and bows to make it look prettier!

15. Jute bag

Little House Blog

A jute bag is also very practical to gift wrap your gifts. Add a few accessories (for example some joyful gold ribbons) to embellish this plain bag!

Cover photo: Little House Blog