4 Sisters Took 40 Identical Pictures Of Themselves Over A Period Of 40 Years

For 40 years, these 4 sisters took pictures of each other in almost the same way and the long-term result is incredible.


Sisters share a very special bond. Being a sister is part of a wonderful experience. These four sisters decided to document their experiences in a special series of photographs taken over 40 years. It all began in the summer of 1975 when Nicholas Nixon visited his wife’s family. He wondered if the sisters would agree to pose for pictures. Heather, Mimi, Laurie and Bebe were lined up in a certain order at the time. They kept the same order for all the following photos.

1Hartford, 1976


Here, the sisters wear dresses and offer a relaxed pose to the camera. Young women look to the future with great hope. Each of them is relaxed and incredibly confident under the summer sun.