A Homeless Guy Receives an Unexpected Amount of Money Before Losing Everything!

Many veterans become homeless after their service to the state is over. A war veteran who has become homeless has had an amazing story. Discover it now!


Homelessness is a common problem among veterans in America. They often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), have difficulty adjusting to civilian life and must find employment in an already competitive labour market without relevant recent experience. Although many organizations have formed to help these veterans, many continue to go unnoticed and end up on the street.

In October 2017, a young woman from Philadelphia, Kate McClure, found herself in an unexpected emergency situation. When a homeless veteran came to her rescue, she and her boyfriend were extremely grateful to this man. The couple’s efforts to repay the man, however, quickly became a vicious circle that eventually turned them into enemies… Here is the surprising story of this itinerant!

1Holiday photos always look happy, but appearances can be deceiving.

The couple on the right has been very kind to the man on the left, but this story does not have a happy ending as this picture suggests.