A Hermit Lives Isolated From Society For 27 Years Before a Mistake Changes His Life

If you doubt the existence of hermits, discover the fascinating story of Christopher Thomas Knight who lived nearly 27 years isolated from society.


The desire to escape loneliness is all too common. With the immense stress of daily life, escaping from your environment can certainly be attractive. While a one-week vacation is usually enough, for others, a month or year is not enough. In some cases, this can take decades.

A man decided he needed to get away from society and its constraints, but he didn’t just take a week off work. Instead, he hid from the world for nearly 30 years. When he was finally found, no one was able to believe his story.

1When people need a break in their lives, most of them opt for a week-long trip to a tropical place.

All people need is a little time to recharge their batteries before returning to daily life.