25 foods to ban from your shopping list in Australia

From too sugary to filled with salt and additives and unhealthy fats, here are the top foods to ban from your shopping list and never look back.


Nowadays, nutrition isn’t as simple as hitting the grocery store and picking up whatever looks good. Supermarkets are filled with products that would barely be labelled as food in another word. In order to make healthier choices when filling up your grocery cart that a look at these 25 products to ban from your grocery list in Australia.

25. Sugary Children’s Cereal

Whether you’re 7 or 35, Coco Pops, Fruit Loops and the likes is always a tempting and comforting choice of breakfast and, let’s admit it, snack. No wonder, given this type of cereal’s alarming sugar content, which is why it is so addictive and should stay out of your shopping cart.

24. Popcorn Seasoning

Unless you come across an all-natural brand, most likely to cost a fortune, stay away from the packaged popcorn flavouring such as Kernel Season’s which contains way too much sodium and unnecessary additives. The internet is filled with homemade recipes to upgrade your popcorn while saving money and sparing your health.

23. Milk Chocolate Candy Bars

Alright, so you know this one right? But did you know that there is a smarter alternative to candy bars when you feel like treating yourself? Just go for quality dark chocolate. Delicious, filled with antioxidants. Best of both worlds.

22. Fruit Rolls

Save a fruit roll, eat an actual fruit. Australia is blessed with delicious sweet and juicy fruits. So why go for its dehydrated, sticky and sugar-filled counterpart. The “fruit” part in “fruit roll” might make you think it’s healthy, and while it is better than a candy bar, it is not a smart choice.

21. Fruit Drinks

Sugar, sugar, sugar, water. Need we say more? Oh wait, we forgot additives, colourants and artificial flavours. Just skip the cordial aisle altogether, they are not worth it.

20. Canned Meals

On toast or on its own. SpaghettiOs or the regular kind. Canned spaghetti, or any canned meal, has no place in your pantry. Sugar, additives and way too much sodium, is reason enough to leave this childhood favourite in the past.

19. Instant Mashed Potatoes

Sure, it’s a time savour. But is it really worth it? The short answer is no. And don’t think going for the sweet potato version will make it any healthier. Truth is, no boxed mash will beat the real thing. The sodium, additives, hydrogenated oils, sulfites and so on are just not cutting it.

18. Bologna

No one really knows what’s in it. And that should be reason enough to skip it. Especially when said substance comes from an animal. What parts? The ones not used in actual ham. Fatty, salty and low in protein, bologna is not worth saving a few pennies.

17. Packaged Whipped Cream

Looking for the best decadent side for your strawberries? Get fresh cream and sugar! Sure, it’s not the healthiest of options, but it is by far better than its boxed premade counterpart filled unnecessary ingredients.

16. Fairy Floss

Australia sure loves its fairy food. But the cotton candy for your visit at the fair. Don’t make it a regular purchase at the grocery store. Why? Simply because it is one of the sugariest and most artificial foods ever made.

15. Cheese Puffs

Whether you are team Twisties or Chezels or even Cheetos, if you can get your hands on it, does not really matter. Because yes, the chip aisle should be skipped, and that includes cheese puffs.

14. Pancake Syrup

When it’s time to drench your pancakes with some sweet deliciousness—see, we’re not against all the good stuff—go for the real thing! Make sure to get actual maple syrup, as opposed to fake alternatives such as Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth’s and Log Cabin. They are nothing but glucose, glucose-fructose and additives.

13. White Chocolate

As mentioned earlier, if you are a chocolate fan, there are healthy ways to treat yourself from time to time. However, avoid white chocolate. Devoid of antioxidants, it is nothing but fat and sugar.

12. Ready-made Frosting

Premade frosting is just like boxed whipped cream, except worst. Sugar, soy and cotton oil shortening, colourants and additives make it one of the worst possible choice to top your homemade baking creations.

11. Coffee Drinks

Filled with fat and sugar and calories, bottled frappuccinos and iced cappuccinos have more in common with a dessert milkshake than a good cup of coffee. So skip it.

10. Packaged Soups

Whether you buy yours dry or in a can, these types of packaged soups are an awful source of salt, preservatives and additives for very few nutritional benefits. Favour a fresh premade soup with real ingredients if you are in a hurry and can’t cook your own.

9. Frozen Meals

We are going to sound like a broken record. Unfortunately, too much sodium, preservatives, additives, unhealthy fats and unnecessary sugar have become the norm in most of the products found in grocery stores, its poster child being frozen meals.

8. Frozen Dagwood Dogs

So dagwood dogs, or corn dogs, are not the healthiest of dishes. But they can be enjoyed occasionally, like freshly made ones from the fair. The boxed ones from the frozen aisle pack additional additives and should be avoided.

7. Frozen Wings

Unless it’s the Super Bowl, forget about buffalo wings. This deadly mix of a lot of sugar and a lot of fat with a generous side of additives is nothing fit for your body.

6. Ramen Packages

Nothing says healthy in this schoolyard classic. Especially not the questionable mysterious “flavour” pack. So keep ramen for restaurant night if cooking is not your thing.

5. Sprinkles

Sure, it looks lovely. Sure, it’s a classic. But sprinkles is nothing but pure sugar and should be an occasional addition and not an everyday topping, especially not paired with bread and a fatty spread.

4. Powdered Chocolate Drinks

So you hate us now, don’t you? But let’s face it, Milo is nothing but powdered sugar and not the best thing to add to a glass of milk, especially not for kids.

3. Boxed Cakes and Pastries

Yes, that includes grocery stores lamington cakes. Pre-packaged cakes, coffee cakes, pastries and cookies are packed with sugar, fat and additives. If you want to treat yourself from time to time, visit a quality bakery and opt for something freshly made.

2. Jello

Sugar, water, artificial flavours and additives… Is Jello even food? Also, does anyone actually finds it tasty?

1. Boxed Frozen Treats

Although refreshing and enjoyable on a hot day, these kinds of treats are a deadly mix of sugar, fat and additives. Australia has multiple healthy frozen treat options. Go for those instead.

Source: Le Journal de Montréal