[Gallery] Discover Barack Obama’s new home with these photos

Are you wondering where Barack Obama and his wife live? Here are some pictures of their luxurious new home in Washington.


As you know, former U.S. President Barack Obama lived in the White House with his family. Now the Obamas live in a luxurious brick mansion in Washington’s chic Kalorama district. This splendid 1920s residence cost the former president no less than $8.1 million. Discover Barack Obama new family home now!

1. The front door

The front door reveals a unique character with its wrought iron, wall lights and beautiful patinated copper canopy. It’s a beauty!

2. The entryway

The magnificent black and white marble floor gives a sumptuous look to the interior of the house. When you enter the house, you are instantly overwhelmed by the elegance of the decor.

3. The living room

The Obama’s new 8,200-square-foot house has several rooms where occupants can relax, such as this large living room, extremely spacious and cozy.

4. The family room

The family room is also perfect for relaxing. Its gigantic windows give an impressive view of the backyard.

5. The kitchen

The house has two kitchens: one of the kitchens has a large marble island counter and stainless steel appliances.

6. The second kitchen

The other kitchen is just as sublime with its ceramic tiles, marble counters and dark window frames.

7. The dining room

Although Barack Obama does not organize state dinners in his dining room, it is clear that this table is large enough to accommodate his family and friends.

8. The pantry

This pantry has plenty of storage space as well as a mini fridge and a dishwasher.

9. The master suite

The master suite is as spacious and classic as ever, that’s for sure!

10. The rest of the master suite

The master suite is so large that there is a living room, a fireplace and a desk in front of a large window.

11. One of the eight bedrooms

This is one of eight rooms in the former president’s new residence. Michelle has already joked with Ellen DeGeneres during her show by saying that Obama was not satisfied with his quality of life.

12. Another bedroom

This is another room in the house. So there are many room options for Malia and Sasha.

13. The closet

As an icon of style and fashion, we are confident that Michelle will fill every nook and cranny of this huge walk-in closet. What do you think?

14. Michelle’s bathroom

The master bedroom has its own bathrooms. Michelle can, therefore, take baths in her luxurious bathtub and go to sleep directly in her comfortable bed.

15. The master bathroom

It may not be as luxurious, but this bathroom has a spacious Italian shower.

16. A water closet

It is one of eight and a half bathrooms in the mansion. If you go to visit the Obama family, you don’t have to worry about waiting to go to the bathroom…

17. The gym

The vacant space can be used as an office or work out room.

18. The den

The basement houses a media room, a second kitchen/laundry room, a bar with wine storage and a beautiful suite.

19. The backyard

In the backyard, a green lawn provides plenty of space for Bo and Sunny to run and play.

20. The back garden

The property has plenty of outdoor space for entertainment – and plenty of space for the pool.

21. The garage

The house also has a garage and a parking lot where many vehicles can park away from prying eyes.