They offer a bed to this chihuahua kept 9 years in captivity and his reaction is too heartbreaking

After being kept in captivity for 9 years in a dog factory in the Midwestern United States, this chihuahua is rescued and its reaction is heartbreaking.


Freddie, a very endearing little chihuahua, was kept in captivity in a small, cramped metal cage for 9 years. A prisoner in a dog breeding plant in the Midwestern United States, he has only very rarely seen the light of day and, above all, he has never known what it was like to be loved and to have a family. He conceived a very large number of small puppies that he never knew in his life and when he was declared too old to breed, he was fortunately rescued with 34 other dogs by the National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR).

1Freddie after his arrival at the National Mill Dog Rescue

The Dodo

As one might expect, dogs kept in captivity all their lives are very fearful and shy towards humans. This was also the case for Freddie when he arrived at the shelter. However, he quickly got used to the love and cuddles offered by his rescuers.

Theresa Strader, founder of the NMDR, told The Dodo: “Life in a cage is very difficult for dogs, both physically and emotionally. Many of our dogs need a complete rehabilitation before they are ready to become family members,[but] Freddie certainly has a strong mind. He’s a brave little guy.”