Recipes that use applesauce to enhance taste and texture

It's apple season and you don't know what to do with all that extra applesauce? Give these recipes with applesauce as a secret ingredient a try.


Applesauce is the kind of childhood snack of which we never get tired. Yet, too little people know about its secret ingredient superpowers, whether it be to cut the fat in baked goods or give a recipe that special sweet taste. Cheap and available, it has the ability to take an okay recipe to another level. Here are delicious recipes to make the most of your applesauce.

11. Barbecue sauce

Ribs, chicken, shrimps, and kebabs of all kind, apple sauce will complement any of your grill favourites. Add it to ready-made barbecue sauce or use it as a base to cook your own from scratch and generously coat the meat and vegetables towards the end of cooking with this perfectly sweet and tangy bbq sauce no one will suspect contains apples.

10. Pumpkin pie

Yes, we know it’s pumpkin pie, not apple pie. So why apple sauce? Adding it to the filling provides natural sweetness and allows to cut fat by replacing refined sugar and heavy cream. Making it just as delicious but much healthier. So you don’t feel as bad going for seconds. And since it isn’t as dense as pumpkin, it makes for a light consistency.

9. Mac and cheese

Yes, this one sounds a bit weird. But you have got to give it a try. Especially if you like the addition of bacon in your mac and cheese. The sweet and smoky taste works surprisingly perfectly with the cheesy pasta.

8. Burgers

Keep your burgers juicy by adding a little applesauce to the ground meat. The trick works especially well for leaner meats, such as lean beef and turkey. This will prevent them from drying out while they cook. However, be careful to add only enough applesauce to keep the burger succulent without comprising texture and taste.

7. Cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes

You like adding chopped apples to your sangria? Next time, go for apple sauce. The switch will give it an even bigger punch of flavour and add some texture. Do the same with your next smoothie and even milkshakes which will make you think you’re drinking your pie a la mode.

6. Marinated chicken

You’ve heard of orange chicken right? Well, we wonder why apples don’t have the same recognition, because an applesauce-based marinade will give chicken breasts, which can easily get dry while cooking, a sweet and juicy boost. Just make sure to use unsweetened applesauce.

5. Glazed vegetables

Give your next veggie dish the extra kick it needs with the help of applesauce. All you need is this simple and delicious glaze made from applesauce, brown sugar and spices. Kids and adults alike will love it and vegetables will never be boring again.

4. Stuffing

Stuffing usually goes hand in hand with cranberry sauce, but apple sauce is a fair contender here. The difference is, the apple mixture actually goes in the stuffing to give this savoury side a fruity flavour.

3. Steak sauce

Who thought steak could be even tastier with applesauce. A homemade steak sauce is a refreshing alternative to its store-bought counterpart, and it’s a lot tastier. Especially if applesauce is part of the recipe to make a pungent, tangy, and spicy dipping side.

2. Baked beans

In a hurry? Give your canned baked beans lunch a breath of sweet freshness with the addition of applesauce. As they bake, beans will soak up the flavours and turn into delicious comfort food rather than a sad store-bought last minute meal.

1. Fruit jelly candies

If you want to try making French jelly candies at home, here is a valuable trick: replace fresh apples by applesauce to shave off hours of work. Using applesauce instead of the fruit’s fresh version will shorten the easy, but still lengthy recipe process.

Source: Mashed