The Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World!

There are so many dog breeds out there! Curious about knowing what the top 25 most popular dog breeds in the world? Here they are.


Dogs are wonderful pets. They are extremely loyal, playful and have unconditional love for their masters. If you have a Golden Retriever or a French Bulldog, you won’t be surprised to find these dog breeds on the list of the 25 most popular dog breeds. However, some breeds you might be surprised to find on the list. Read on to view the whole list!

1. Labrador Retrievers


We’re certainly not surprised this dog breed is #1! These dogs are kind, outgoing, intelligent and even tempered.

2. German Shepherds


These beautiful dogs are extremely obedient, loyal, curious and confident. The perfect watchdog!

3. Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are so popular, they’ve even been featured in some movies! Does Air BudHomeward Bound, and A Dog’s Purpose ring a bell?

4. French Bulldogs


These small and adorable dogs have the cutest ears. They are very affectionate, sociable, easygoing and patient.

5. Bulldogs

American Kennel Club

Very muscular and a bit funny looking, these dogs might look a bit intimidating but they are actually docile and very friendly.

6. Beagles

The Happy Puppy Site

If you have a lot of energy and like to be outside, adopt a beagle. These dogs are very intelligent, excitable but also very gentle.

7. Poodles

Reader’s Digest Canada

Fluffy and cute, poodles are intelligent, alert, faithful and very trainable.

8. Rottweilers

Even though these tough looking dogs have a bad reputation, they are good-natured, devoted, calm and obedient.

9. Yorkshire Terriers


Tiny and extremely cute, Yorkshire Terriers almost fit in your pocket! These are great companion dogs for older people.

10. Pointers (German Shorthaired)

Encyclopedia Britannica

Pointers are medium to large-sized dogs and are very affectionate, loyal, active and amiable.

11. Boxers

Energetic, intelligent, friendly and brave, Boxers are a great dog for people who like to be outside.

12. Siberian Huskies

Inside Dog Worlds

Siberian Huskies need proper training because they are very intelligent and independent. They look pretty innocent when they are puppies but watch out when they grow up!

13. Dachshunds


Short-legged and long-bodied, Dachshunds or sausage dogs are stubborn but they are also playful, clever and devoted.

14. Great Danes

The Happy Puppy Site

Big dogs aren’t necessarily scary. Take the Great Dane, for example. This dog breed is devoted, friendly, gentle and loving. The perfect pet!

15. Pembroke Welsh Corgis


The Queen of England loves them and we can understand why. They are outgoing, playful, friendly and tenacious.

16. Doberman Pinschers

Canadian Dogs

The Doberman Pinscher does look a little bit scary but if it is properly trained, it can be an obedient, loyal, confident and wonderful pet to have at home.

17. Australian Shepherds

Dog Breeds List

These cuties have really become popular in the last few years. Affectionate, intelligent, good-natured and active, you’ll need to walk them a lot!

18. Miniature Schnauzers


These small dogs are fearless, friendly, intelligent and obedient.

19. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


These small dogs are perfect for those living in an apartment or small home. Sociable, playful and affectionate, you’ll love this creature with all your heart.

20. Shih Tzu

American Kennel Club

Another small breed that’s extremely popular is the Shih Tzu. These Asian dogs are affectionate but independent, clever, loyal and lively.

21. Boston Terriers

A very good choice for first-time pet owners, Boston Terriers are playful, good-natured, and don’t need hours of exercise.

22. Pomeranians

Woof Dog

This fluff ball is very friendly, active, intelligent, sociable and extroverted.

23. Havanese


The national dog of Cuba, the Havanese has a very soft coat and is perfect for those who want a companion that doesn’t need too much exercise.

24. Shetland Sheepdogs


This is another great dog breed to own since they are loyal, affectionate, intelligent, playful, trainable and gentle.

25. Bernese Mountain Dogs


Even though these are big dogs, they are very friendly, sweet and extremely affectionate. This is another great dog breed to own.

Source: American Kennel Club