A new scandal hits the royal family!

The British royal family has gone through many scandals... and we're just counting the ones in the 20th and 21st century! Here is the latest scandal.


Whether you love them, hate them or love to hate them, the British royal family is here to stay (at least, for now). They have been talked about and scrutinized for centuries now but they stay close together through the rough times and still manage to be respected by most. Unfortunately, this family is prone to scandals. Prince William is the newest royal family member to have been targeted by the press. Here is everything you need to know about the newest scandal and other famous scandals they have been hit with.

1. Prince William scandal

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Everyone thought William and Kate were happily married but apparently, the prince has been getting very close to Kate’s old friend Rose Hanbury. This young woman, always considered a “rival” by Kate, has been linked to the Prince for many months now. Are these just rumours? What will happen to the royal couple? Only time will tell…

2. Other juicy British royal family scandals!

Here are some other scandals the royal family has had to deal with.

3. Prince Harry and his Nazi costume


Who could forget? In 2005, the young prince went to a Halloween party dressed as a Nazi soldier. He apologized, of course, but many Brits were extremely disappointed with him.

4. Princess Anne’s dog attacked children

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The Queen’s daughter, Anne, had to pay a 500 pound fine in 2002 after her English bull terrier bit two boys. She was the first senior member of the royal family to be convicted of something.

5. Fire at Windsor Castle

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The damages and costs to restore Windsor Castle after the fire in 1992 were astronomical. 115 rooms were damaged and it cost $60 million to fix. The reason for the fire? A curtain was pressed against a spotlight.

6. Charles, Diana, Camilla love triangle

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Even though Charles married Diana in 1981, he had already fallen in love with Camilla many years earlier. Both Charles and Diana had affairs while they were married to each other and this created a big buzz around the royals.

7. Princess Anne’s kidnapping attempt

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In 1974, Anne was almost kidnapped by a 26 year old man named Ian Ball that was mentally ill. He overtook her limo after she left her movie and forced the car to stop before stepping out his own vehicle with two guns. Thankfully, no one was hurt and Princess Anne was safe.

8. Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend

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If you’ve watched the hit Netflix show The Crown, you might be already familiar with this royal family scandal. The Queen’s sister fell madly in love with a divorced (shocking!) man who was 16 years her senior (shocking!) and the only way she could marry him was if she gave up her royal privileges. She did not and it broke her heart.

9. Edward VIII renouncing his titles

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When King Edward VIII decided he wanted to marry the American (and divorced actress) Wallis Simpson, the whole country was inflamed since he was leaving the throne to marry a random woman who was divorced.

10. Edward VIII and his ties to the Nazis

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The Duke of Windsor visited Hitler and they apparently wanted to kidnap him so he could be reinstated at King and be their British puppet. This plan did not work but the British people were not happy Edward gave Hitler the Nazi salute when he visited him.

Source: Cosmopolitan